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Hate advertising? Let's make it better together. Take control of your advertising experience. See more of what you want, and none of what you don't, speed up your Internet from slow ads and protect your privacy.

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Advertising keeps the Internet free and fuels its growth. The Rubicon Project Exchange automates advertising. More money for publishers and application developers, and a more efficient way to reach audiences for advertisers.

The rubicon project exchange

When you use these websites and apps, YOU SEE ADS PROCESSED BY The Rubicon Project Exchange

  • >50% US comScore 100 sites
  • 1 Million websites
  • 20,000+ Apps

And more than

500,000 Advertisers bid

for your attention in real-time

12 Trillion
bids per month

5 Million
bids per second

ads per second

Those websites and apps use Rubicon Project Exchange TO MAKE YOUR EXPERIENCE SAFER AND FASTER

  • Blocked more that 20B bad ads
  • Blocked more than 420B threats

Those websites and apps use us to make your experience safer and faster

Blocked more that 20B bad ads

Blocked more than 420B threats

To do this, we had to engineer a proprietary computing cloud that's faster and more scalable than any website or app

  • High speed, low latency and hyperscale
  • 65,000+ CPU cores
  • Custom engineered hardware with programmed silicon

1 Billion people

see ads processed by The Rubicon Project Exchange across 50% of the top websites and apps

Personalize your experience with Project Awesome

  • Block ads you don't want
  • Like ads you do want
  • Save ads for later
  • Build your taste profile in 59 seconds

Some of Rubicon Project's Great Customers

We're powered by an amazing culture of innovators around the world

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