The Rubicon Project Exchange

The Rubicon Project Exchange brings buyers and sellers closer together on a robust advertising technology platform. One of the largest cloud and Big Data computing systems in the world, The Rubicon Project Exchange leverages over 50,000 algorithms and analyzes billions of data points in real-time to deliver the best results for sellers and buyers.

approximately 1B reached globally

9 trillion bid requests per month

5 million peak queries per second

300 real-time data-driven decisions per transaction

Your Audiences. Your Advertising. Our Engineering. That's the Power of the Cloud

You’ve invested years in your advertising business. We’ve invested thousands of person-years and scores of millions of dollars in automating advertising. Advertising Automation Cloud’s 45,000+ CPUs, 100 gigabits data/second and 5.0 Petabytes of storage enables trillions of transactions at business critical speed, reliably.

Your Business is Growing Too Fast for Off-the-Shelf

Our industry demands a platform that works faster than today’s landscape of web servers and buying platforms. Trillions of transactions per month – millions per second. A number that grows and grows and grows.

Advertising Automation Cloud begins mastering this challenge with custom hardware, engineered from the raw materials up. More than your old Commodore 64 or even your old space shuttle – this is computer science and electrical engineering at the cutting edge.

Our Algorithms Ensure Optimal Revenue for Sellers and Buyers

Advertising Automation Cloud utilizes more than 50,000 algorithms to execute real-time transactions. These algorithms make sure impressions are priced accurately for all market participants. And, for auction-based impressions, the algorithms create a fair market for both sellers and buyers.

Since the Advertising Automation Cloud learns from and adapts to market conditions, you can trust that decisions are being made to optimize your business. Equip your sales and operations teams with the data and insights they need to succeed.

Big Data Gets the Buzz These Days. Fine By Us!

Advertising Automation Cloud is the market leading ad automation platform. It chews through more data signals than search engines, counts more bids than the physical world's auction houses combined and makes complex business decisions in tiny fractions of a second. Since the Cloud is continually learning, the volumes of data flowing through its pipes help it grow stronger and smarter over time.

Buyers & Sellers Worldwide Trust the Cloud

You can’t run your business on unproven technologies from the newest hot company.

Advertising Automation Cloud is trusted by hundreds of thousands advertising brands, testifying to the strength, scale, and performance of its technologies. This power is enabled through a globally distributed cloud of 45,000+ CPU cores architected, built and installed to grow at the pace of the world's most demanding ad buyers and sellers.

Connect with top buyers across the world instantly.

Reach and acquire premium audiences.