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Our Cultural Values

Company Philosophy

Our goal is to build and grow a truly unique company. From the passionate problem solvers we hire, our commitment to running culture like a product, the scale and scope of the products and infrastructure we engineer, to the way we partner with our customers (and help them deliver value to their customers), and creative rewards for our team members, we aim to make the Rubicon Project an exciting experience – not just a “job”.

Our Values

Based on the foundation of People, Product and Customers, our company Culture is defined by the following 11 cultural values:

  • Innovation: We invest our thinking and resources into change that will propel the industry and Company forward.
  • Excellence: We do things right, not always first. If we can’t do it best, we won’t do it.
  • Good People: Pride drives us to win, respect and humility help us learn, and having fun celebrating our wins (big and small) keeps us energized.
  • Competition: We are driven to win and are highly competitive; externally not internally.
  • Transparency: Knowledge is powerful. Transparency keeps us honest. We believe in the highest level of transparency possible with our team, investors, customers and partners.
  • Active Communication: Communication makes or breaks relationships. We will devote time and effort in making communication a priority.
  • Accountability: Personal accountability is the fuel that powers our overall system of accountability.
  • Speed: We go fast but don’t hurry.
  • Mistakes are OK: If we aren’t making mistakes, we aren’t moving fast enough. Making mistakes is the key to innovating and learning.
  • Test/Measure Everything: What gets measured gets done. What gets tested gets better.
  • Community: We consider ourselves to be fortunate and believe in paying it forward to those in need.