Thought Leadership is committed to open source header bidding

October 3, 2017
By Pieter de Zwart
Join the movement to make open-source header bidding the future of publisher monetization
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October 3, 2017
Protect your premium inventory with Ads.txt
Ads.txt will help prevent bad actors from counterfeiting, and profiting from, your inventory
Thought Leadership
March 17, 2017
Keeping up in adtech. Remember: Keep your eyes on the prize
It is time to reimagine our world in order to differentiate and grow. nToggle CEO explains why adtech is about to see a revolution
Thought Leadership
March 17, 2017
Load balancers? We don’t need no load balancers! (Part 2)
How we got our network to leverage anycast and BGP to load balance traffic to multiple clusters of servers
Thought Leadership
October 19, 2016
Confessions of an adtech product manager
nToggle CEO shares the story of how his traffic shaping company got its start
Thought Leadership
September 12, 2016
Essential steps to maximise mobile web revenues
Take full advantage of one of the fastest growing sectors in advertising right now
Thought Leadership
May 18, 2016
Intelligent allocation is one way header bidding puts you in control
Scarcity, flexibility, and available control are what makes the header bidder the tool of the future
Thought Leadership
May 13, 2016
Television advertising gets automated
How will the video display in our taxi cabs, bars, elevators, and homes to take advantage of automated advertising methods?
Thought Leadership
May 13, 2016
What devices can tell us about consumer intent
As mobile now accounts for more than half of all digital ad spending, here are the growing opportunities you should jump on!
Thought Leadership
April 27, 2016
Taking advantage of a vast new digital canvas
Mobile video is coming of age and its time we take full advantage of a $6 billion industry
Thought Leadership
April 25, 2016
Brands must automate mobile native advertising
Everything you need to know about automating mobile native advertising before you get up and running with this promising format
Thought Leadership
April 21, 2016
The future of automated advertising
Advertising automation makes headlines during Advertising Week Europe 2016
Thought Leadership
April 11, 2016
Understanding ad serving means going back to the basics
Take a journey with us acorss the evolution of ad servers and see why header bidding is here to stay
Thought Leadership
April 4, 2016
Six reasons why header bidding is worthwhile
Don't have header bidding? Here are 6 reasons why you should get on board now
Thought Leadership
February 25, 2016
Here’s what mobile buyers and sellers really want
New findings show the continued and dramatic growth of automated private marketplaces
Thought Leadership
December 16, 2015
An interview with Wego on seller cooperatives
Wego shares their insights on the importance of mobile, native advertising, and automated guaranteed
Thought Leadership
November 12, 2015
Simplifying the war room for the holiday season
The adtech war room gets a makeover to ensure a flawless delivery of revenue during the busy holiday season
Thought Leadership
October 29, 2015
An interview with Ziff Davis on automated advertising
Here's what one of the leaders in tech, Ziff Davis, has to say about automated advertising
Thought Leadership
October 19, 2015
Update your yield settings for the yuletide
Anytime is a good time to update your yield settings! In preparation for the busy holiday season it’s especially important to update your business rules to maximize revenue
Thought Leadership
October 7, 2015
Seven tips to succeeding with mobile video
Everything you need to know before you get started on mobile video
Thought Leadership
September 2, 2015
The RFP in a programmatic world: evolve or exterminate?
As advertising automation continues to accelerate, is it finally time to kill a process that is stuck in the past?
Thought Leadership
July 31, 2015
Advertising automation: Your media buying compass
Part of the 74 percentile who lag behind in automation? Join the 26 percentile with these tips from those who succeeded
Thought Leadership
July 16, 2015
An interview with Immediate Media
We sit down with the Director of Digital Revenue & Operations at Immediate Media to find out how they achieved phenomenal growth in its programmatic business
Thought Leadership
June 18, 2015
For digital advertisers, “premium” means more than quality content
The VP of Sales at Intermarkets asks what exactly makes a publisher premium?
Thought Leadership
June 17, 2015
Brands: do you know where your media dollars are going?
Here's how you can take full advantage of what digital has to offer
Thought Leadership
May 14, 2015
Maximize your global reach with private marketplaces
The penetration of real-time bidding has paved the way for truly global exchanges that help premium sellers maximize revenues
Thought Leadership
May 7, 2015
Getting started with mobile native advertising is easy
Rubicon Project head of mobile offers his advice on how to get started buying and selling across mobile
Thought Leadership
May 1, 2015
The rise of adtech 3.0
Former nToggle CEO, Adam Soroca, explains where things are heading next for our industry
Thought Leadership
April 29, 2015
How brands can get started using private exchanges
Tips on how to get the most out of your customer data
Thought Leadership
March 11, 2015
Three brand marketers open up about automated advertising
We sit down with three experienced buyers to discuss both the promise and the implications of direct order automation