We reach more than 1 BILLION connected devices globally

Rubicon Project is:

The industry's most comprehensive mobile video solution, with every mobile video format for buyers and sellers

Top three mobile exchange reaching more than one billion connected devices globally

First to market and now leading the industry with the FastLane header bidding solution for Mobile Apps

Our take on mobile header bidding: FastLane

  • The industry's first header bidding solution available for both in-app mobile and desktop inventory
  • Rubicon Project's demand can compete with direct sold campaigns at any price or priority within the seller ad server
  • Private deals can sit higher in the ad stack and get better access to our demand sources, enabling better audience matching

Our take on open: xAPI

  • xAPI is Rubicon Project's open platform solution allowing for holistic revenue optimization
  • xAPI puts sellers in control, enabling programmatic advertising campaigns to compete in real time for placement across both direct and indirect-sold media
  • Supports mobile app, mobile web, display, native and video

Our take on monetization: the SDK

  • Rubicon Project's SDK comprehensively supports all sales channels (open market, private marketplace and guaranteed orders) and all creative formats including video and native
  • Our SDK is unique
    • Mediation solution with dynamic auction
    • Modular and customizable
    • Ability to detect & stop forced redirects

Only Rubicon Project Brings it All Together to Give Sellers & Buyers



The Mobile-Video Solution

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