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Rubicon Project is:

Our take on mobile header bidding: FastLane

  • The industry’s first header bidding solution available for both in-app mobile and desktop inventory
  • Rubicon Project’s demand can compete with direct sold campaigns at any price or priority within the seller ad server
  • Private deals can sit higher in the ad stack and get better access to our demand sources, enabling better audience matching

Our take on open: xAPI

  • xAPI is Rubicon Project’s open platform solution allowing for holistic revenue optimization
  • xAPI puts sellers in control, enabling programmatic advertising campaigns to compete in real time for placement across both direct and indirect-sold media
  • Supports mobile app, mobile web, display, native and video

Our take on monetization: the SDK

  • Rubicon Project’s SDK comprehensively supports all sales channels (open market, private marketplace and guaranteed orders) and all creative formats including video and native
  • Our SDK is unique
    • Mediation solution with dynamic auction
    • Modular and customizable
    • Ability to detect & stop forced redirects

Only Rubicon Project Brings it All Together to Give Sellers & Buyers



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