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Designed to Optimize Your Revenue

REVV is designed to maximize your revenue and support your monetization strategy. Capabilities include:

  • Dynamic Price Floors
  • Deep Real Time Ad Network Demand
  • Private Marketplaces
  • Optimization across all Buyers

Data-Driven Dynamic Price Floors

Buy-side technology is designed to help buyers get the lowest price. REVV levels the playing field so you don’t leave money on the table. In a real-time bidding auction the publisher sets the minimum price (i.e. floor price). To maximize your revenue, REVV sets, within 20 milliseconds, the optimal floor price by analyzing buyer behavior, session length, trading volume, and numerous other factors.


Deep Real Time Ad Network Demand

Any ad network campaign coming through REVV, competes in real time for every ad impression. Our depth of ad network demand means:

  • Upward price pressure when ad networks compete with real-time (RTB) bids.
  • Strong performance even at very large volumes and long user sessions.


Private Marketplaces

REVV lets you create private marketplaces, where certain buyers  get preferred access at specific prices. Our services team helps you understand how this could fit into your revenue strategy. (See also: Access to Buyers)


Optimization Across All Buyers

Buyers use multiple methods to buy through the REVV Real Time Trading platform, including the REVV user interface or connecting directly through our real-time bidding API.

Independently of the method, once in REVV, all buyers and campaigns compete in real time for every impression. REVV’s machine-learning algorithms analyze numerous factors to select the highest paying ad and maximize revenue.


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