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Access to Buyers

A Single Point of Access to Real Time Ad Buyers

REVV connects you with real time buyers that buy more than 4 billion ad impressions per day:

  • All major agency trading desks (real-time bidding)
  • All major demand-side platforms (real-time bidding)
  • Hundreds of ad networks and exchanges

The buyer landscape is rapidly evolving with new players and technologies. REVV is integrated with these buyers. Our services team works with you to ensure that the right buyers will reach you.

Create Custom Deals with Buyers through a Private Marketplace

Some publishers might want to create custom real time trading arrangements with specific buyers. In these private marketplace arrangements (aka private exchanges) you, as a publisher, provide certain buyers exclusive or preferential access to a portion of your inventory. Our services team can help facilitate these deals working with you and the agency trading desks or advertiser.

The Rubicon Project hosts Marketplace Summits around the globe to connect publishers and agency trading desks, and to exchange ideas on the future of Real Time Trading and private marketplaces. (In 2011, events were held in Los Angeles, London, and Paris).


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