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In Real Time Trading People Still Count

Even the best technology does not remove the need for human expertise. As a publisher, you are  assigned a dedicated team with complementary profiles and a single goal: to make you successful.


Strategic Real Time Trading Consulting

Beyond day-to-day advice, we are passionate about helping you win in the new world of real-time trading.

  • Sales channel management
  • Pricing
  • Inventory packaging
  • Private marketplaces development
  • Market trends & opportunities
  • Full-funnel strategic policy development
  • Ad operations consulting

Yield Management

A yield specialist work with you to identify opportunities to increase revenue.

  • Daily site monitoring to analyze patterns and outliers
  • Connect the right demand sources
  • Price floor optimization and manual overrides
  • Ad network monitoring
  • Inventory analysis and packaging recommendations

Protection of Brand and Direct Sales Pricing

A protection specialist works with the you to protect your direct sales channel and ensure that ad quality meets your standards.

  • Recommendation of ad quality strategies
  • Prevention of unwanted ads using the Rubicon Ad Monitoring system
  • Monitoring and resolution of any ad quality violations

Billing and Collection

We collect the money – you get a monthly check. We work with you to ensure fast and accurate payments.

  • Collection and reconciliation of payments from all demand sources
  • Discrepancy resolution
  • Currency exchange management
  • Consolidation of all payments into a single check

All the Other Things You Should Expect

  • Basic setup and trafficking of your own direct campaigns in REVV
  • Billing inquiries
  • User interface questions
  • Advanced custom reporting requests


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