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Real Time Selling for Publishers

  • Access 60,000+ Advertisers

    REVV executes 4 billion ad trades every day between publishers and over 60,000 advertisers via their buying channels:

    1. All major agency trading desks
    2. Dozens of demand-side platforms (DSP)
    3. Hundreds of ad networks

    REVV handles all billing relationships and delivers you a single check each month. We also support you in developing direct relationships with buyers to set up custom Private Marketplaces deals.

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  • Let REVV Optimize your Revenue

    For each trade, REVV looks across all buyers and selects the ad that will maximize publisher revenue.

    1. Revenue optimization across all buyers and bidding technologies.
    2. Dynamic price floor algorithm sets the optimum price in each auction.

    Algorithms are engineered to maximize revenue for you, the publisher.

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  • Protect Your Brand and Direct Sales

    As a premium publisher, you need control. REVV’s unique monitoring technology scans your site 24/7 going far beyond any other solution.

    1. Monitor and control ad quality
    2. Defend against channel conflict
    3. Protect users from nasty malware attacks
    4. Monitor which parties access your site

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  • Get Insights that Drive Revenue

    REVV saves every single bid transaction and distills it down to actionable reporting.

    1. Identify revenue drivers
    2. Analyze advertiser behavior and see who is bidding and buying
    3. View how advertisers bid on your site compared to other sites

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  • Sell Your Direct and Indirect Mobile Ad Inventory

    REVV lets you sell your direct and indirect mobile ad inventory with one platform.

    1. Maximize the value of your indirect inventory using the REVV Marketplace to find new sources of revenue
    2. Ad serving and targeting capabilities support direct sold campaigns across all major mobile platforms
    3. Quickly build interactive and engaging rich media ads with the Dynamic Ad Constructor
    4. Analyze campaign performance and forecast availability

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  • Add Experts to Your Team

    We dedicate a team of Real Time Trading experts to your business to increase revenue and share best practices. Our teams are based in New York, Los Angeles, and London.

    1. Strategic consulting
    2. Yield and revenue management
    3. Protection management
    4. Billing and collection

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