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The Wall Street Journal Case Study

In recent years, The Wall Street Journal has expanded its core content offering to include coverage of the arts, culture, lifestyle, sports, and personal health, building on its heritage as the leading source of business and financial news.

It is also a leader in the use of automated advertising.

Our case study includes sections on:

  • Automated advertising: background and lessons so far
  • Approach to first party data and direct orders
  • Data security
  • Direct orders: use cases for publishers
  • Predictions for 2014
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Forrester Report: Selling Mobile: It’s About The Industry, Not Just The Inventory

In February 2013, Rubicon Project commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct primary research to evaluate sellers’ and buyers’ experiences with mobile display and the benefits of mobile automation. To explore this trend, Forrester developed a hypothesis that tested the assertion that publishers are beginning to sell mobile inventory and that, as their strategies mature, automation will become a key to growth. As mobile use continues to grow among consumers today, the importance for buyers and sellers to use the mobile channel, manage buys and yield, and optimize results becomes increasingly important.

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Rubicon Project Marketplace Report – October 2012

According to eMarketer, real-time bidding (RTB) will account for 13% of all U.S. display advertising spending this year, more than triple its share in 2010. The amount of spend by the biggest global advertising brands in October 2012 further supports this projection. In the October report, some of the top 10 global advertisers in RTB ad spend dramatically increased their buys by at least 50%.

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Rubicon Project Marketplace Report – Q3 2012

Global RTB (Real-Time Bidding) ad spend increased by 20% in Q3 of 2012. The steady rise in spend begs the question of who are the advertisers behind this increased spending and what type of inventory are they buying from country to country.

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Rubicon Project Marketplace Report – September 2012

The growth of RTB (Real-Time Bidding) transacted display advertising continues to strengthen month over month, as demonstrated by the global big ad spenders in September 2012. In this month, the top 10 global advertisers in RTB ad spend increased their buys by at least 25%.

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Rubicon Project Marketplace Report – August 2012

This report was published to provide insight into the changing trends taking place within the Rubicon Project marketplace. This unique view into the trends taking place between the comScore 500 publishers and AdAge 100 US advertisers will give helpful input to buyers and sellers of online advertising.

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