We power one of the most comprehensive mobile video solution offering every major format.

Our platform is purpose-built for mobile video, and operates within one of the highest quality advertising marketplaces in the world.

Video Offering

A Top Video Advertising Marketplace Worldwide
  • Global scale and reach across billions of premium video inventory impressions per month
  • Independent and 100% committed to customer success
A Full Stack, Robust Solution
  • Committed to holistic yield optimization, unrivaled brand protection and proven performance analytics
  • Leading the programmatic mobile market now across Guaranteed Orders and both Private and Open Marketplaces
  • Automating the high-impact native and video formats

Only Rubicon Project brings it all together:

For Sellers

For Buyers

Now Automating Ten Varieties of Mobile Video Including Vertical

WE HAVE: Pre-, Mid- and Post Roll for Desktop

  • Enables buyers to market “sequentially” using audience data to target
  • TV-like experience: high quality experience, robust, consistent content
  • “Episodic and Premium” supports longer-form video advertising / brand narrative

WE HAVE: User Opt-In / Rewarded Video In-App

  • 100% User opt-in; 100% Viewable
  • 15 second, non-skippable ads
  • Customizable HD full screen experience

WE HAVE: InLine Outstream Video

  • Creates premium VAST video inventory on desktop and mobile web
  • Embeds video player dynamically within editorial / text content
  • Launches only when video area is viewable

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