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Rubicon Project and TouchTunes Come Together to Automate Digital Jukebox Advertising for the First Time via Private Marketplace

Posted: Apr 24th, 2017

Digital Agency Ciceron Leverages Custom Targeting Capabilities to Gain Highly Relevant Ad Exposure for Upcoming Warner Brothers Records Album Release

LOS ANGELES, CA & NEW YORK, NY — Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI), the Global Exchange for advertising, and TouchTunes, the largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform in North America, today announced that TouchTunes’ out-of-home audience will be made available programmatically for real-time buying in a private marketplace powered by Rubicon Project’s leading technology.

Combining TouchTunes’ reach and monthly audience of over 38 million unique visitors with Rubicon Project’s leading Orders platform enables advertisers to connect their brand messaging with consumers within an automated advertising environment. The inventory available to advertisers includes :15 and :30 second video and static ads on TouchTunes’ Digital Jukebox.

“Today’s announcement further extends Rubicon Project’s out-of-home offerings in our ongoing effort to automate the entire digital advertising ecosystem,” said Joe Prusz, Global Head of Revenue, Rubicon Project. “TouchTunes is a clear leader in digital out-of-home and we are pleased they have selected Rubicon Project to power its private marketplace. Together we can connect leading brands to millennial viewers across TouchTunes’ 63,000 social venues while giving them the ability to use data to provide maximum exposure for their spend.”

By utilizing Rubicon Project to power TouchTunes’ private marketplace, advertisers are for the first time provided an exclusive forum to leverage TouchTunes’ own data to target users by specific geography (e.g., Designated Market Areas, zip codes, lat/longs), time of day, music genre (rock, country, pop, hip hop/R&B, rap, Latin, etc.), venue type (e.g., pubs, sports bars, casual dining, family entertainment centers, LGBTQ community) and language. TouchTunes Media powers music and advertisers’ messages across more than 63,000 venues in the U.S. in all 210 Designated Market Areas.

“We are extremely excited to work with Rubicon Project to offer, for the first time, brands interested in reaching our more than 38 million unique monthly visitors, the ability to do so programmatically with the ease, safety and control that private marketplaces offer,” said Susan Danaher, Head of Advertising, Sales and Marketing for TouchTunes Media. “Ciceron’s client, Warner Brothers Records, is a terrific example of an advertiser utilizing our custom targeting capabilities and unique data to its fullest potential, truly heightening the relevance of the campaign in the venues in which it’s seen while reaching the right people as they are in a positive and purchasing mindset.”

Ciceron tapped TouchTunes to run :15 second video ad creatives for the release of Warner Brothers Records’ Grammy Award winning alternative rock band Gorillaz’ first studio album in nearly six years, “Humanz,” which drops on April 28, 2017. The agency specifically leveraged TouchTunes location data to target this campaign to bars that are more likely to favor alternative rock and hip hop genres. Each of the ads were served up programmatically via Rubicon Project’s leading Orders technology in private marketplaces.

“We’re constantly on the lookout for new ad models or experiences that break out from the standard web banner,” said Ashley Evenson, Director of Ciceron’s Digital Media Group. “We believe that TouchTunes provided us with a unique way to reach Gorillaz’ fan base, utilizing emerging tech that they’re most likely already engaging with.”

Rubicon Project, through strategic agreements with companies like AdMore, AdShel, Adspace Networks, Inc., Bitposter, Captivate, Clear Channel, LiveIntent, ScreenVision, SoundCloud, Spotify and now TouchTunes, offers advertisers the ability to go to a single, unified location to reach consumers nearly everywhere they play and interact, from malls, elevators, lobbies, cinemas, digital billboards, television, restaurants, bars, email and on their desktops and mobile devices.