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Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds

As you may have already read, we’ve hired three seasoned business leaders to join the Rubicon Project family: Nick Hulse, Bill Harries and Bill McHargue. As our focus and energy is being spent on growing our business from a great publisher product (yield optimization) to a great publisher platform, we’re certain these guys have the background and experience to help do just that.

We also made a few internal executive promotions. Company founder, Craig Roah, has been promoted to the role of President; Josh Wexler to Senior Vice President, Market Development; and Seizo Welch to Senior Vice President of Finance. These gentlemen have been instrumental in our growth and success to date. And now with a full team in place, our management team is completely supported – enabling them to focus on taking our company to great heights.

Needless to say, it’s an exciting time to be at the Rubicon Project. And before we throw Nick, Bill Harries and Bill McHargue into the thick of things, we wanted to hear why they decided to join the Rubicon Project family. Here is what they had to say:

Bill Harries: “The Rubicon Project is a great example of how the advances in internet technology over the last 15 years is making possible revolutionary changes in the way technology can be applied to today’s business problems.  Matching online advertising inventory with the buyers that want to buy that inventory is screaming for automation.  Applying technology to this problem lets us maximize the revenue for the publishers while protecting their brand, increase the effectiveness of the advertising dollars spent, all the while saving time and effort for all concerned in the process.  These types of innovations represent the future of information technology and it makes Rubicon an exciting place to be.”

Bill McHargue: “I decided to join the Rubicon Project because the company scored off the charts relative to three main decision criteria. 1) People. Its not often you find companies after the initial start up years and such hyper growth, including 3 acquisitions, a company that can maintain a great culture. The people at the Rubicon Project are the best in the advertising technology space. People with passion build great companies. 2) Product. Personally, Sales is no where without a rock-solid product. The Rubicon Project pioneered the space of yield optimization and REVV continues to be the world’s largest market place for buying and selling advertising across the Internet. The company’s milestones of achievement speak volumes to both our customers and our dedicated work force.  3). Opportunity. The company’s road map and vision for the future are truly exciting. The path ahead of us is remarkable and I am fortunate to be a part of the team to help realize those goals.”

And as Nick shared with us in the press release: “I am delighted to be joining the Rubicon Project team. I come to this role with a deep appreciation of the work that the team has done to evolve the company into a market leader and I’m truly excited to be part of an organization that has a very promising future. I will be focused on enhancing an already customer-centric organization with a strategy for increased support, service and innovation for our premium publishers, enabling them to grow their businesses as a result of using the REVV platform.”

Welcome aboard, guys!