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De Telegraaf Case Study – Pioneer of ‘Total RTB’

De Telegraaf Case Study – Pioneer of ‘Total RTB’

Rubicon Project has released a case study detailing the strategy of Telegraaf Media Groep, one of the most innovative publishers in the programmatic trading space.

The document covers the development of TMG’s publisher trading desk, advice to other publishers on maximising yields, its eCPM increase since joining the Rubicon Project and predictions for the rest of 2013.

Download the ‘De Telegraaf – Pioneer of Total RTB’ case study here (registration required).

About Telegraaf Media Groep

TMG is the biggest publisher in the Netherlands, with more than 80 brands covering newspapers, magazines, television and radio as well as a social network, gaming, classifieds and ecommerce sites. TMG holds one of the largest single real-time bidding URLs globally, and was the first publisher to launch a publisher trading desk.