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Q&A: Publicitas CTO David Klement

Q&A: Publicitas CTO David Klement

PublicitasLast month, leading international media services company Publicitas announced it had selected Rubicon Project to power the monetisation of its digital advertising inventory.

David KlementWe spoke to Publicitas CTO David Klement to find out more about its approach to advertising automation, data and automating high impact formats.

Can you give us a short introduction to Publicitas, the nature of your business and the regions you cover?

Publicitas is a leading media services company that operates in more than 20 countries. We work with media owners, advertisers and agencies across the world, facilitating international media planning and buying.

Can you give an overview of your approach to advertising automation/programmatic to date?

Because we work mostly with premium brand advertisers and premium news media owners, our focus has been using programmatic supply and demand tools to join up the two in new, more efficient and direct ways.

And what do you see as the main benefits of advertising automation on the whole as a business?

Programmatic advertising offers a new channel for media owners to maximise their yield or sell-through. Clearly, there are efficiency and time benefits, which enable your sales force to focus on high-value custom sales consulting. In addition, programmatic tools, combined with data, enable advertisers to reach their audience even more precisely.

More specifically, what is your view of private marketplaces, including the packaging of first party data –how important is this for your market?

Private marketplaces are a very important component of programmatic advertising, especially for Publicitas because of the premium nature of our media partners and advertisers. Quality publishers tend to have great data, and we want to help them maximise the value in a controlled and safe environment.

Another phenomenon we have seen this year across Northern Europe has been the increase in high impact ads, rich media and full page takeovers being delivered through advertising automation technology –what is your view on this trend?

This is a logical next step in this field, we hope that we will see every possible format delivered programmatically. The Swiss market, however, still needs a little further development in terms of programmatic advertising, focusing on the standard formats for the time being.

What were your main reasons for partnering with Rubicon Project?

With Rubicon Project, we can rely on a sound technology and international expertise, which complements Publicitas’ global and unique media sales offer perfectly.