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Internship Spotlight: Lunch with Co-Founder Duc Chau

Internship Spotlight: Lunch with Co-Founder Duc Chau

Recently, Rubicon Project’s engineering interns got to spend some quality time with Co-Founder and Senior Vice President, Research & Development, Duc Chau, during a lunchtime Q&A.

rubicon project internship


Here at Rubicon Project, transparency is one of our key cultural values. In keeping with that theme, Duc candidly served up advice and anecdotes to his captivated audience as he shared the ups and downs of his career thus far, giving the interns a glimpse of what it takes to be an entrepreneur and disrupter in an ever-changing industry. When asked why he’d chosen the entrepreneurial path, Duc responded, “I was raised in an environment where my family members were entrepreneurs. I’ve seen failures and I’ve seen successes, but the drive to try new things was always fostered in the environment that I grew up in. For me, it was natural.”

Regarding his style of product development, Duc declared that he was a fan of rapid prototyping. “For me, I like to launch things as quickly as possible because I realize that worrying about scalability issues early on is probably not a good use of my time.”

Though the hour passed by too quickly, the interns left with industry insights from a seasoned insider as well as a deeper understanding of what working at Rubicon Project really meant – being in the company of inspirational yet completely approachable people like Duc, and being inspired to challenge yourself at every turn.

“It was fascinating to hear some of Duc Chau’s ideas. He’s an accomplished person accompanied by a great personality, which just made his message to us even more interesting.” – Miguel Delgado

rubicon project internship

“The simplicity with which Duc interacted with us, answering all of our questions – however irrelevant they were – was amazing.” – Shikha Srivastava

Rubicon Project Internship

“It was interesting to know what series of events led Duc (and the others) to the inception of Rubicon Project, and it also felt inspiring to talk with such a humble leader.” – Shashank Bagul

Duc Chau Rubicon Project

“Duc’s ideas of how to constantly think about innovation and working towards it was very inspiring. ‘Jumping the S Curve’ to me doesn’t just apply to companies but also to individuals so that we are always focused on high performance, delivering results, getting on top and staying there. In the end, its the people who build great products.” – Nidhi Mehta

Sounds like Nidhi has embraced our CEO Frank Addante’s mantra – “Great people innovate great products, and great products attract great customers.”