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Mobile Advertising In The Age Of Automation

Mobile Advertising In The Age Of Automation

We are excited about the release of Forrester Consulting’s Thought Leadership Paper, “Selling Mobile: It’s About The Industry, Not Just The Inventory.” There is a daily stream of news and information about the staggering growth of mobile, but the digital advertising ecosystem has yet to scale at the same pace. The industry is quickly playing catch up, and as a result, we can expect mobile advertising to be the fastest growing category in digital. As Forrester writes, “Mobile as a channel provides unique opportunities to create one-to-one, contextually rich connections with consumers that are not possible on other channels today.” This thought leadership paper takes a deep dive on how the industry can deliver on this promise.

At Rubicon Project, over the last six years, our technology has played a central role in the age of automation in display advertising. Our REVV Platform has enabled automation to flourish across the ecosystem, and we continue to innovate with products like the industry’s leading private marketplace technology, Connect. As a result of continuous innovation, we have built the largest, global premium publisher marketplace in the industry and gained the largest reach in the US display market according to Comscore.

We are now setting our sights on automating mobile.  To do this will require innovation. As our CEO Frank Addante wrote about on his blog with regards to mobile, “You have to re-think things and come up with the right model, right format, right ad pricing units, and right method of buying and selling. It’s about creating something new.” So as we look back at Rubicon’s 6 years of innovation — 6 years of building one of the fastest growing ad tech companies in history — we recognize it’s about the industry, not just the inventory, and we look forward to innovating in mobile to accelerate its growth in the age of automation.

To download Selling Mobile: It’s About The Industry, Not Just The Inventory, click here.