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Intern Spotlight: Jonathan Cui

Intern Spotlight: Jonathan Cui

rubicon project internship

Name: Jonathan Cui

School: UCSD

Degree: Computer Science

Internship Period: July 29th, 2013 – October 31st, 2013

Current Employment Status: Full-Time Employee at Rubicon Project, Engineering

Hobbies & Interests: Basketball – I play in a Church tournament – and good food, especially the hole-in-the-wall places.

What was your favorite part about this internship?
There were a lot of favorite parts! I was able to work with great engineers that have been in the industry for a while. They were helpful with answering my questions and guiding me when I ran into problems instead of just fixing the problems for me.

What was the most important lesson you learned during your time at Rubicon Project?
Communication with teammates. Being right out of college, I did not have the opportunity to take many courses that encouraged group effort. Most projects I worked on in college had a maximum of two or three people per team so communication between team members was limited. Working at Rubicon Project, I learned the importance of communicating my ideas to the team. Before coding for each project, a technical specification would be outlined regarding how the project was going to be done which other members of the team would read and comment on. This brought up concerns that I had overlooked, whether because of my own inexperience with the product or my inexperience as an engineer, and was a great learning process.

What has been unique about your internship experience at Rubicon Project?
The experience with Rubicon Project has been unique because I was able to work on projects that had real impact on the team – not just projects that would be tossed out after the internship was over. Another unique thing about working at Rubicon Project is the culture. It is very different from other companies, in a good way. The people are very friendly and they are willing to help each other.

What would you say to an intern that is considering applying for an engineering internship here?
Interning with Rubicon Project is great because you get to work with so many brilliant engineers. They are dedicated to their work and to your future and are willing to set aside their work to guide you and help you learn and grow. Also, interns here work on projects that are not just old projects that have been in the pipeline for years; you actually get to work on helping develop new products and features that the team needs. The people are friendly, the culture is great, and the work is challenging.

Tell us about your transition from being an intern to a full-time employee.
My transition from intern to a full-time employee was great. I worked hard, asked questions, sometimes broke things but was encouraged to always find the fix, together with the team. It’s a very supportive professional environment in which to learn and grow.

Finally, what is one word that would sum up your experience at Rubicon Project?
Busy – in a good way!

For internship placement opportunities, please contact Richard Nguyen at rnguyen@rubiconproject.com. For all other job openings, see our careers page: https://rubiconproject.com/join-us/.