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Rubicon Project Global Conference

Rubicon Project Global Conference

What do you get when you bring 230 smart, dedicated, ambitious, hard working individuals together all under one roof? A Rubicon Project Global Conference! Last week marked our first ever Global Conference here at our LA headquarters.  Rubicon Project team members flew in from all over the world – Australia, London, France, Hamburg, New York, Seattle, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and San Francisco –  to participate in a 3 day conference consisting of company updates, departmental presentations, training and info sessions, and social events. This was an amazing opportunity for our team to gather together, learn from one another and reiterate why we’re here and what we’ve set out to do. The energy and excitement from the conference was infectious to say the least.

For our new team members, they were able to gain a better understanding of the many different “global” faces of the Rubicon Project.

Having every one of our team members under one roof brought us all closer together. It was a serious event in nature, but of course we like to have a little fun too. We definitely learned was that there are quite a few comedians on the team. During presentations, each team was encouraged to make things fun and memorable. And boy did they ever! As one team member commented, “we may want to consider re-naming the global conference next year…I think the Rubi-Roast is a more appropriate title” 😉

We were all able to rally together, be extremely productive and have some great laughs while doing it. Overall, it was a solid and uber-productive week for all of us. Quite a way to kick off 2011! Thanks to our entire team for being part of this monumental event. Watch out world!

Highlights from our first ever Global Conference:
“Global Conference Week was an awesome idea, and a fabulous way to kick this foundational year of productivity for tRP!!! I am so honored to reap the huge benefits from this week, and so excited to be a member of this team.” – Manager

“We are all witness to the transformation…the melding of FAN and the Rubicon Project. The Global Conference provided a visual demonstration of how our companies’ combined strengths are taking up. The respect everyone has for each other is palpable. What an awesome, creative, rowdy, kick-ass family!” – Account Manager

“Getting to work with some of the most intelligent and genuinely enthusiastic people I have ever met. It’s completely Rubjuvinated everyone. It’s so great to see everyone getting praise for their past success, but focusing on the new challenges for the futures” – Ad Operations