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Making it Rain

Making it Rain

Things are buzzing here at the Rubicon Project. It’s been about two weeks since completing our FAN acquisition and the two teams are integrating seamlessly (well, except for the extra long line at the espresso machine).   In our last blog post, we mentioned that the Rubicon Project achieved profitability in October.  This is a milestone that the team is very proud of.  Not only did we achieve profitability, but we achieved it almost a full quarter ahead of plan.  Further, profitability was achieved outside any revenues from FAN.

Reaching this turning point deserves a nod to the publishers leveraging our REVV platform. Our business model is simple – we only make money if the publisher is making money. As such, reaching profitability is a direct result of the success publishers have achieved on the platform. And we would be remise to not thank all 350+ publishers who continue to trust our technology and team – so, THANK YOU!

It’s been a wild ride. the Rubicon Project has attained great scale in its short life.  We work with over 600 ad networks, 350+ premium publishers, 25 DSPs and 5 exchanges.  Our ad optimization technology reaches 550 million unique users which enables us to process 60 billion transactions each month.  All of this volume generates over $100 million in revenue annually.  We project that this will grow to $200 million in 2011.

Looking to the future, we have embraced Real Time Bidding.  While we have only had the technology in place for 3 months, the Rubicon Project will process 500 billion real time bids this quarter.  A recent enhancement to our RTB engine made during our last company hack day has resulted in a 25% increase in RTB revenue.  Our investment in RTB will continue to pay dividends as more publishers take advantage of the opportunities that this technology presents.  We are building on our past successes while continuing to invest in the future.  It’s truly an exciting time to be at the Rubicon Project.