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Rubicon Teams Up With Betterworks

the Rubicon Project has recently teamed up with Betterworks, an employee perks platform that gives its members access to great deals at various places around the Los Angeles and New York area, to add to the many ways we support and reward our team members. We’ve been testing out the platform and are very excited to roll this out to our team members in the new year. Recently, Betterworks spoke with Mallory Maske, tRP Director of People & Culture, to get her tips for building out a successful and scalable perks and rewards program. We’ve included Betterworks’ blog below and you can also find the article here.

BetterWorks client the Rubicon Project has over 200 employees and 4 ½ years as one of LA’s hottest startups. Creative company culture and employee recognition and retention have been key since day one.

BW: Mallory Maske, Director of People and Culture at the Rubicon Project, has been test driving BetterWorks for the past few weeks in preparation for company-wide adoption in the new year.

She’s excited to see BetterWorks adoption throughout the organization, and already has big plans for how to integrate into the current company culture.

Our most recent feature, Bonus Bucks aligns perfectly with their philosophy of empowering managers and each other, and their attitude that the little things matter as much as the big.

Maske offered up 8 tips and tricks for building out a perks and rewards program that makes employees happy while also helping out the company’s bottom line.

1. Learn what matters most

“The easy thing to do is to give people money, but we haven’t found it to be more effective. It’s boring and tends to disappear into the paycheck. There’s nothing special or memorable about it. You want to pick ways to reward that personally matter to the employee.

A recent example, was a team member who was essentially working two jobs. We knew he had a son and enjoyed spending time with his family, so we sent them to Disneyland for the weekend versus depositing money in his account. They were able to create real memories from that.

As we grow larger, we worry about scaling that kind of personalization but that’s one aspect we like about BetterWorks — it allows people to apply the money towards things they’re truly interested in.”

2. Get personal

“It’s not the money that matters, it’s about being creative with what you give employees. We’ve learned that people appreciate the freedom to choose. It’s not just about getting ‘stuff.’

Time is the most valuable thing we have, so in response to our employees going above and beyond and giving time to the company, we try to give back in kind by finding ways to save them time and make their week easier.

We like BetterWorks because it lets people reward themselves, whether through a service, an experience, or a consistent perk like house cleaning. We like the focus on giving perks that help employees take a much deserved rest and break, and make things easier on their daily lives.”

3. Little means a lot

“It’s hard to break bonuses up into smaller increments even though it’s often better for team morale as more people are able to benefit. We recognize that even if it’s little, a small bonus can go a long way in saying ‘thank you for doing a good job.’

A recent example that was inexpensive for us long term relates to executive promotion. We communicated the promotion internally, but also sent a bottle of champagne to the executives’ homes so their families also knew how proud we were of their accomplishment, and so the families could celebrate together. The feedback we got was that the employee had never worked for a company who thought beyond the walls of the building before, and that made a big difference.

Bonus Bucks enables us to focus not just on the big wins, but the little wins along the way. You get to actually take the bonus or perk into your life. It’s a simple thing that really matters.”

4. Get management involved

“Where we’ve seen rewards be most effective is from the management level. We work closely with every level of management to empower them to give their team credit for doing phenomenal things.

Part of this is giving them the tools to be able to say ‘thank you’ to their teams for any level of ‘job done well.’ Bonus Bucks makes it easy for our managers to reward their teams.”

5. Encourage peer-to-peer rewarding

“As HR, I may not know what people are doing day to day, and what their interests are, but their peers do. We’re big into peer-to-peer recognition as well.

One way we envision using Bonus Bucks is to have employees request them for other employees. When the request is submitted, the employee will have to submit why that employee deserves it. If selected, that employee, along with the nomination message, will be highlighted in our newsletter.”

6. Put it in writing

“The psychology of the human spirit is to want to know that one is doing a good job. It’s all in the act of saying thanks.

It’s not enough to wait for yearly performance reviews. You need to consistently tell your people they are doing a phenomenal job and encourage them.

One thing managers commonly fail at is assuming employees know they’re doing a good job. It’s important to put it in writing. Bonus Bucks makes the act of saying thanks easy. We can clearly communicate the reason behind the bonus, because Bonus Bucks gives us the ability to add a note acknowledging the employee.”

7. Pay attention to the behind-the-scenes

“There are all kinds of acts of kindness and leadership that go unnoticed in organizations.

Not everyone can work on the high profile, ‘move the needle’ project. But, the person who went out of their way to welcome a crucial new hire and ensure their comfort and integration deserves a thanks too.

These are the kinds of acts people usually don’t spotlight, but with Bonus Bucks, it’s easy to give them a small bonus as a thanks.”

8. Let people pick out things they like

“You don’t want to offer rewards people don’t actually care about.

We used to try to guess what people would like. We did flu shots, a yoga instructor, and all these other things, but no activity ever appeased 100% of people. It was a lot of work to manage these programs internally and ended up being a waste of time and resources We asked ourselves how could we reach everyone and still get most bang for the buck.

That’s another reason we like BetterWorks. Between the monthly supplied perk budget and Bonus Bucks, we know we’re not throwing money away. We’re encouraging people to reward themselves with things that they like within the platform. We trust our employees to know what they need best.”

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