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The Gift That Keeps on Giving


When Saata Bangura (Manager, Demand Ad Quality) asked for help from her fellow LA team members, she was thrilled with the response. Here’s why:


“Last week, in just a matter of two days, Team Rubicon gave an overwhelming response to a call for donations towards ‘Holidays for the Homeless,’ a cause organized by Janin Rimper, a close family friend of mine. For the past two years, Janin has been collecting clothes and other essential items to give to the homeless around Christmas in her hometown of San Jose, CA. Thanks to all the Rubiconers who donated, we were able to donate 10 bags of warmgoods, including pants, jackets, and blankets to Janin’s important cause. My family and I helped Janin pass out the items to the homeless on Christmas Eve. This year, we made it a point to get to know he homeless individuals that we met at the park. It was a humbling and amazing experience being able to not only hear their personal stories, but also see the deep sense of camaraderie and community amongst them. All of us here at Rubicon have a lot to be grateful for. Regardless of your circumstances, it is the people around you that make the difference. Here’s to a great year of raising each other up in