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2012 Cultural Values Awards

2012 Cultural Values Awards

Here at the Rubicon Project, our culture truly is a part of who we are and what we do. While most companies put effort into honoring their top Sales leader with a yearly award, we are proud to say we go way beyond this limited category! In quarters past, we have previously acknowledged outstanding team members with awards in Sales, Client Services, Finance, and Technology. This year, for the first time, the company held a competition to determine who in our organization best lives, breathes, and influences our unique company culture. We present to you our (now annual) 2012 Cultural Values Awards!

This year’s winners are Allen Lew (NOC Engineer) and Joe Prusz (VP Mobile Sales), who were both acknowledged for their outstanding work and contribution to our company culture. Both were selected by their fellow peers (the very people they work with day in and day out). We’re very fortunate to have these two members as part of our Rubicon family and we look forward to the 2013 Culture Value Award recipients! Check out this awesome video celebrating Allen, Joe, and the first ever Rubicon Project Culture Values Awards:

Rubicon Cultural Values Awards from The Rubicon Project on Vimeo.