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Movember. Rubicon Project. With slight hesitation from the participants and strong encouragement from the rest of the organization, the Rubicon Project was proud to be involved with Movember this year to support Men’s health issues. Now that Movember has come and gone (and lot’s of fun had), it’s time to say goodbye to those very hairy thirty days with these wise words from Rubicon’s Mo Bro Master, Ryan Bulaon, and our first ever Man of Movember, Brian Buttray.

BB: “Seeing as I’m someone who’s had heart problems since birth, I had no problem with looking like a silly goose for a month. The experience of growing the scary yet delightful handle bar mustache taught me a few things:
1) Great conversation starter at bars (starter being the key word here- see #2)
2) People tend to focus on the stash not the man behind said stash
3) Parents tend to shield their children from you
But in all seriousness, my fellow Rubicon Mo Bros have taught me the true definition of what a man really is and kudos to everyone who was involved. ”

RB: “What was Movember like? It was like an entire month where you questioned everything you were doing. When you saw yourself in the mirror and didn’t even recognize yourself anymore. When you were in a conversation with someone and you saw their eye contact waiver from your eyes…down to your upper lip. While we might have been turning heads in the office and on the streets, we took the distraction our mustache caused in stride, never hesitating to spread the Movember word. We respected the Mustache. We supported the Mustache. We donated to the Mustache.”

That mantra, paired with our UK Mo Bros in the press, we were able to raise just over 2,300 USD globally – well done Rubicon Project Mo Bros, Mo Sistas and Mo Supporters! Until next November…