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Life As A Rubicon MBA Intern

MBA student, Mark Linao, joined the team this past summer as an intern and was kind enough to share his experience with us.

“I was lucky enough to get an interview and internship offer with the Rubicon Project the summer before I started my MBA program. Besides the awesome interior, catered lunches, dedicated beer fridge, free vending, Starbucks Coffee machine, ping pong tables, foosball tables, corporate parties, and other great perks offered (really too many to list!), I gained some really valuable the work experience out of the summer. I read a lot about the Rubicon Project and as a pseudo-geek, I was fascinated by Rubicon’s innovative product offering and position in the advertising technology industry. The company was founded as a response to the inefficient and highly fragmented internet advertising space. While researching the company, I remember thinking to myself that I wanted to be a part of what Rubicon was doing- revolutionizing the online advertising industry by automating it. Interning at Rubicon gave me the opportunity to make an impactful contribution to a company’s growth, culture, and future. I got to add structure to problems with lots of uncertainty, identify ways to improve business operations, and provide some insight to Rubicon’s key decision makers. My bosses were not only extremely supportive of my work, but very inclusive, involving me in their conversations and meetings regarding Rubicon’s strategic initiatives. Really awesome stuff! As an effort to learn more about the company, I met people from other parts of the company and learned what their jobs were about and the cool things they were doing. People were willing to sit down and chat with me over lunch, educating me more about other job functions in the company. Every person I met with explained their jobs with a high level of passion and pride. These chats were very beneficial to me as an intern. From my perspective, the reason this company continues to do so well is because, somehow, the powers that be choose the right mix of people who are committed not only to the company’s mission, but to enhancing its culture. If you like a rapidly changing environment, the challenges of uncertainty, and the surprises that are common in a start-up, then this is the place for you. My internship here was hands down the most fun I’ve ever had working and the most unique culture I’ve ever experienced. If you are lucky enough to get a chance, experience it for yourself.” – Mark Linao