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Surfing, Pilates and Burgers. Oh My!

In an effort to reward our most important asset (our team members) the Rubicon Project has officially partnered with BetterWorks, an employee rewards platform based on local perks. Each month, we dish out funds for our team members to use within the platform. Coupled with the amazing amount of discounts negotiated at local businesses like restaurants, gyms, dry cleaning (all by the BetterWorks team) the program is currently generating a ton of buzz within our company.

Now that we’re going on 3 months using the BetterWorks platform in LA and NYC, we’ve seen a increase in camaraderie and overall lift in spirit around our already very unique company culture. People are energized that the company is enabling them to reward themselves for their hard work and dedication. The best part is- the way they reward themselves is entirely up to them.

Since no one says it better than our own team members, here are a couple quotes (of many we might add!) that explain why people are stoked about this program:

Michael Murphy (Software Engineer): “Betterworks is great because it helps me optimize my free time. Thanks to Betterworks, I now hang out with the User Interfaces Engineering team at Rockreation, a nearby climbing gym twice a week. I have also become a more fully self-actualized surfer, because of the surf lesson I took a couple weeks ago with my Betterworks credits. I’m climbing higher and floating with Betterworks!”

Anne Heestand (Client Services): “I just used my February BetterWorks for some pilates classes at Pilates Platinum in Brentwood. So excited!”

Victor Papke (Product): “Last weekend, Playoffs + Umami Burger = Awesome. Bonus, Giants are going to the Super Bowl. BIG Blue!!!!! And thanks to Betterworks!”

Brian Buttray (Demand): “Sunday Dinners from Spumoni Italian Restaurant in Brentwood. Betterworks has saved me from the blandness of Subway dinners on the weekends!”

BetterWorks allows our team to go outside of the box by trying new workout regimes, restaurants, health services and much more. Through BetterWorks, we’re also able to drop off our dogs at day care, get a car wash, enjoy a therapeutic massage or challenge a team member to an indoor go-kart race. The possibilities are endless and so is our teams creativity. We’re loving it!