Demand Manager Hosted Prebid Server

Rubicon Project’s Hosted Prebid Server brings a new level of speed, transparency and scale for efficient prebid implementations.


Configuring the browser to simply send one bid request to the Demand Manager Prebid Server improves page performance and the user experience.


Prebid Server is all about bringing transparency to the market, built by the industry’s leading open source community.


Prebid server is purpose built to maintain a large number of simultaneous bidders with no additional latency on the page.

Ease of Use

Rubicon’s Demand Manager provides a user friendly interface to help publishers deploy and maintain efficient Prebid Server implementations worry-free.

Benefits the Entire Marketplace


Works across all formats - mobile app, video, display

Reach and Scale

Instantly connect to all Pre-bid Server enabled bidders


When using Demand Manager, control which bidders connect with server or client side


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