Identity Suite

Rubicon Project's innovative identity solution helps buyers reach their target audiences while improving monetization for publishers.

Community-Based and Open Source

Powered by Prebid, supporting common identifiers with the leading open source solution trusted by publishers and buyers worldwide.

Prebid User ID Module

Publishers can place common identifiers in persistent first party cookies to deliver increased reach and scale.

Identity Management

Unifies disparate industry identifiers for broad coverage and audience integrity across the supply path.

Audience Activation

Matches audience data from any source with over 1 billion signals to seamlessly activate audience-based Deals across the leading independent ad exchange.

Benefits the Entire Marketplace

Uncompromised Insights

Sellers gain better insight into their audiences, improving monetization capabilities.

Seamless Activation

DSPs easily ingest a single Deal ID for better integration and higher fidelity of identity.

Reach and Scale

Buyers can easily and seamlessly target and buy their custom-built audiences for better engagement and results.


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