Case Study

Separating the Signal From the Noise: Traffic-Shaping for Higher Win Rates and Lower Infrastructure Costs

October 2, 2018


Founded in 2011, S4M – Shopper Marketing Made Easy, is the first mobile advertising technology company that connects brands to consumers by bridging the gap between digital advertising and the real-world. The platform empowers brands with full transparency and control in their mobile data supply chain from mobile programmatic buying to consumer conversion in apps, mobile sites, and physical points of sales. S4M has over 160 employees in ten offices in the US, Europe, APAC and LATAM, and services more than 500 advertisers globally.

The Challenge

Header bidding has increased the bid requests received by demand side platforms (DSPs) by as much as 5X. Although access to inventory has increased, the infrastructure costs to process this added traffic places a huge burden on DSPs, who often opt to limit traffic to their systems.

S4M wanted to increase their business efficiency and efficacy by having the capacity to listen to all the queries per second (QPS) available on Rubicon Project’s platform for mobile apps in North and South America.

Rubicon Project’s Solution

S4M needed a solution to scale inventory access without incurring more infrastructure expense.

Rubicon Project’s traffic-shaping technology enables DSPs to “separate the signal from the noise” by more effectively identifying and targeting their key audiences, and in turn significantly reducing their infrastructure costs by compressing inbound queries per second (QPS).

The Results

In a nutshell? Higher win rates and lower infrastructure costs. The integration of our traffic-shaping solution means that S4M is receiving 10X the QPS than before, and seeing a significant lift in win rates without increasing their infrastructure requirements or costs.

Says S4M CEO, Christophe Collet, of the results. “We partnered with Rubicon Project to activate traffic-shaping within our ‘FUSIO by S4M’ platform. Traffic-shaping is a game-changing feature for our  bidding process, making our teams even more efficient with reduced but more relevant QPS. We’ve seen an increase in win rates and spend with nToggle and are excited to be among the early adopters of this feature beyond the US.”


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