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Joining the Rubicon Movement

December 7, 2017
By Carly Robb

In 49 BC, Julius Caesar cried out “Alea iacta est!” as he crossed the Rubicon, meaning the die is cast, the decision has been made, and there is no returning. Fortunately, my experience was not nearly as dramatic when I crossed the Rubicon into the adtech environment. However, the moment I sat across the interview table from my future coworkers, I too knew there was no going back.

Fast forward eight months and I feel victorious with my decision to work here. One of our core values is to “do the right thing” and that idea is echoed throughout the entire organization. If you’re considering a career in adtech and enjoy the spirit of a start up with the support of a public company, here are a few of my favorite things about working at Rubicon Project.

Remarkable career growth

From the very beginning, Rubicon Project has afforded me an incredible opportunity to grow my newfound career in account management. During my first week on my new job, fellow colleagues flooded my desk to introduce themselves and some even offered to sit down with me and pass along their knowledge. Less than two weeks later, the company invited me to a team offsite in New Orleans where I was able to grasp our vision and strategy. It quickly became clear that Rubicon fosters an environment where every team member is encouraged to learn new skills and think creatively. During training and beyond, my managers have been incredibly supportive, helping identify my strengths and weaknesses and mentoring me along the way.

The people, the people, the people

I couldn’t share my experience at Rubicon Project without mentioning the people. My coworkers are an integral component to what I love about working here. In the words of Jack Welch, “This whole game of business revolves around one thing – you build the best team, you win.” The challenge lies in turning this idea of teamwork into reality and this is where Rubicon prevails. The team at Rubicon Project works very closely together to develop and deploy new ideas, products, and technologies that overcome arduous challenges in the world of adtech. Everyone’s passion and commitment to Rubicon Project’s success is palpable, signifying an auspicious future ahead.

We are united towards a greater good

At its core, Rubicon Project is on a mission to change advertising for good. This team mentality is not only internal but shared with our accounts. As a member of the Account Management team, I am a part of the win-win alliance with our clients. This means I have an opportunity to develop long-lasting relationships with publishers who sell inventory on our platform and find I am fully invested in their success. With this philosophy, whether I am investigating how to generate more revenue on their sites, integrating them onto new systems, or familiarizing them with new products, I am always on a meaningful quest to support their needs. And with the path to success constantly changing in this industry, it makes going to work every day challenging and exciting.

The perks are pretty awesome

Rubicon Project’s ongoing commitment to culture has fostered an amazing place to work and socialize. Through Paint Nite events, a Bronx Zoo outing, a women’s club picnic, and our volunteer day with Operation Backpack, we have retained the entrepreneurial spirit years after an IPO. One of my favorite perks is the free meals – not just because it is delicious and healthy food – but because breaking bread together is one of the most ancient forms of developing meaningful relationships. Taking a lunch break with my coworkers every day is not only a great way to get to know one another but it is also a chance to sit across the table from other teams and departments. In the eight months since I’ve started, I have developed strong relationships with people who I don’t just consider to be my colleagues, they are my friends.


The entire adtech ecosystem is undergoing rapid change towards a header bidding world and it could not be a more exciting time to join a company on the offense. Whether it is eliminating buyer fees, founding, standing behind our message of transparency and brand safety, or other major changes this company has undergone in the last year, one thing is clear: we are on the path to power and it feels good. Alea iacta est!