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Rubicon Project Partners with Kiip to Automate Mobile In-App Rewarded Inventory

July 13, 2017

Integration Offers Brands Access to Highly Engaging Kiip “Moments” Inventory Through Rubicon Project

LOS ANGELES — Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI), the Global Exchange for Advertising, announced today that Kiip, a leading mobile marketing and monetization platform, has partnered with Rubicon Project to bring the power of automation to its highly engaging “Moments” platform.

The integration with Rubicon Project’s xAPI technology will automate the process through which brands purchase the inventory to advertise with Kiip in any environment that best suits their needs, including private marketplaces, direct and in the open market.

Kiip’s “Moments” technology allows brands to identify opportunities in mobile apps that merit reward or acknowledgement, thus garnering a measurable emotional response that builds positive associations. Kiip has identified over 100 high-impact categories (engagement opportunities) such as loyalty (checking in with an app 3+ times a week), challenge (overcoming a challenge in a game), completion (checking an item off a to-do list), health (completing a run) and luck (receiving a bonus). Research data shows that moments-based ad placement boosts favorability by 160 percent.

“As brands increasingly shift their advertising dollars toward mobile in-app, rewarding user’s in-app actions has emerged as one of the most engaging and highest performing targeting approaches within the industry,” said Joe Prusz, Global Head of Revenue, Rubicon Project. “We are extremely excited Kiip has partnered with Rubicon Project to automate its “Moments” technology. Initial testing of this integration demonstrated a high rate of conversion rendering this a cost-efficient format for media buys.”

“We’re thrilled to make our “Moments” technology and mobile audiences available programmatically for the first time through our integration with Rubicon Project’s xAPI” said Brian Wong, founder & CEO, Kiip. “Kiip reaches users when they’re most receptive, enabling marketers to achieve their objectives. Amplified with xAPI technology, marketers can now access Kiip’s receptive audiences in real time through our “Moments Exchange”, which we believe is the future of mobile advertising.”

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