2015 Back to School

June 30, 2015
By Marketing

More than half of the parents surveyed (56 percent) said they plan to spend more money per child than they did last year to prepare the students for the upcoming school year. K-12 parents plan to spend on average $873 per student, while parents who also have college students are planning to spend more than $1,100 per student. Parents have also started their back-to-school shopping early. Nearly one-quarter of K-12 parents (23 percent) have already begun and will continue to spread their purchases throughout the summer.

As signs of the improving economy and the growing student use of technology in the classroom, the Rubicon Project survey found that nearly two in five parents (38 percent) intend to purchase technology products such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones specifically to meet students’ in-class needs and requirements. Mobile phone plans are also commonly re-evaluated during the back-to-school shopping season. More than one third of parents with college students (35 percent) and nearly one quarter of K-12 parents (24 percent) said they plan to shop for a new mobile plan this summer.

This change in media consumption has affected how and when parents research products, respond to promotions and make their purchases. For instance, half of parents with college students clicked on an online ad in the past seven days (50 percent) and nearly half of them (48 percent) also clicked on a mobile ad. About two in five parents of college students reported making a purchase within the past week based on a mobile ad (41 percent) or an online ad (42 percent) they saw.

Methodology of the Rubicon Project Consumer Pulse: Back-to-School 2015

Penn Schoen Berland conducted 1,000 online interviews among parents of students in grades K-12 in the US between June 12 and 15, 2015.

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