Bridging The Gap To First-Price Auctions: A Buyer’s Guide

May 22, 2019
By Marketing

First-Price Auctions – The Change Has Come

In an industry where rapid evolution is the norm, the changes in ad tech last year were incredibly profound.  From the maturation of header bidding to the drive for radical transparency, 2019 can seem like an entirely new landscape for buyers and sellers to navigate. Nowhere is this clearer than the move from second-price to first-price auctions for inventory sold via header bidding.

As the behemoths have capitulated to the industry’s move to first-price auctions, the new world of auction dynamics is something no buyer can afford to ignore.

A Tool Built for Buyers

Rubicon Project developed this guide to help agency and brand leaders understand the implications of this shift in auction dynamics, and to empower you to conduct open and productive conversations with your partners at buying platforms and exchanges.

What’s inside?

It includes an in-depth look at version 2.0 of Estimated Market Rate (EMR), a free, optional feature designed to reduce CPMs to be in line with fair market values and maintain high win rates.

Download the guide for a complete understanding of how it works and whether it’s right for you.

How is this helping publishers?

EMR is bringing more liquidity to the marketplace as buyers, happy with CPMs and win rates, buy more. For more on publisher benefits, please reach out to your Rubicon Project account lead.

Thank you for downloading our whitepaper. Please check your email for your own digital copy.

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