CTV via Programmatic Guaranteed

November 13, 2019

Though Connected TV (CTV) behaves much like Linear TV with regard to advertising (think, competitive and industry separation, pod positioning, creative quality and length, etc.), it also has the digital-first attributes that allow it to play in the same space as its digital counterparts. For instance, CTV offers data targeting at a request level and real-time performance reporting across digital success metrics.

However, as ad dollars continue to shift to programmatic, these diverse factors can make it difficult for content creators and owners to execute on CTV buys. Filling ad slots while adhering to executional guidelines becomes more arduous and complex.

For these reasons, Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) presents itself as the best way for content creators and owners to capture the highest value for their CTV inventory efficiently, accurately, and at scale.

To understand how, download our CTV via Programmatic Guaranteed Use Case, where we dive into the dynamics of CTV and how PG can programmatically foster better outcomes.

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