We’re tackling inventory quality head on

August 14, 2014
By Jared Skolnick

When brands buy advertising digitally, they expect their ads to be seen by actual human beings on quality websites and applications.

But suspicious online activity can sometimes affect those brands’ advertising programs: subprime inventory like toolbars can erode buyers’ brands, and bots can cause ad impressions to be logged for non-human “viewers”, resulting in several billions of dollars in wasted advertising spend, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s January 2014 report.

In our new white paper, we outline the steps we’re taking, both on our own technology platform and within the wider industry, to promote inventory quality and suppress suspicious activity. We explain how we’re using smart technology to significantly combat our buyers’ exposure to that inventory. Those tactics include banishing high-offending inventory categories, reviewing every new seller property vying for inclusion on our platform, and using third-party technology and proprietary algorithms to identify abnormal traffic patterns.

We outline the role we’re taking on several industry task forces to help educate the entire ecosystem and help protect all digital buyers from poor inventory quality. We also offer advertisers tips about how they can use their buying power to combat suspicious inventory.

Although suspicious inventory will never completely go away, we’re confident the tactics we outline in this white paper will help significantly reduce them, continuing the downward trend in exchange-sourced impressions being flagged for suspicious activity the industry enjoyed from 2012 to 2013, as a result of our collective proactivity. Read on to learn more about how we’ll do just that.


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