Assembling the Full-Stack

November 17, 2014
By Ryan Polley

Big news! Today, we announced that we have expanded our direct order automation technology and consolidated the automated guaranteed market by acquiring iSocket and Shiny Ads.

FullStack_v4iSocket’s technology was purpose-built to automate guaranteed media buys, which enables it to serve the premium buyers and sellers who already transact this way with all of the benefits that automation provides.

Shiny Ads built a similar platform designed to automate self-serve, direct advertising for local and small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

Bringing these companies’ innovative products together with our world-leading Advertising Automation Platform creates the industry’s first and only end-to-end, full-stack automation solution to manage digital advertising across all sales channels and all screens for display, mobile and video formats.

Why automated guaranteed direct order campaigns?

Direct order automation delivers more value to both buyers and sellers.

To date, the gains created through automation have been primarily limited to just 20 percent of digital display advertising spend. That’s why the average guaranteed media plan still takes some 40 steps to complete and costs an average of 18 percent of the sale price (excluding commission).

Having a single system that automates the discovery, planning, execution, order management and reporting of direct-sold inventory makes the entire process more intelligent — much like our unified auction does for non-guaranteed deals — and delivers more value to buyers and sellers.

Buyers and sellers alike seek to bring the benefits of automation to the remaining 80 percent of advertising spend, including a growing array of high impact advertising formats. In fact, in a recent survey of nearly 400 media buyers and planners we conducted with DIGIDAY, we found:

  • graphResources Wasted: Buyers today use up to a half-dozen different systems to plan and execute a media buy, often requiring manual reconciliation and driving up costs
  • Inefficiencies Abound: More than half of those surveyed spend at least 20 percent of their time on manual processes when buying and selling digital advertising today
  • Desire for Change: Nearly 9 out of 10 surveyed believe the marketplace needs a guaranteed direct order automation platform to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce costs and increase overall return on investment

Our creation of a full-stack direct order solution replaces these painstaking and error-prone processes with simple user interfaces that make it easy to plan and execute guaranteed direct orders. It further automates the planning, order fulfillment, campaign management, payment flows, and billing of these premium campaigns, making sure they run on time with fewer delays and discrepancies.

How this consolidation helps buyers and sellers

The automation of brand spend and high impact formats means lower overhead and time saved for sellers. It also makes it easy for sellers to be introduced to new buyers, without having to sacrifice control over sales or commit premium inventory before a deal is guaranteed. Meanwhile, buyers get the advantage of easily finding and securing the audiences and inventory they need for their campaigns, across the entire purchase funnel and leveraging all screens.

In addition to automating well-defined inventory and high-impact units such as roadblocks, our direct order solution supports discovery, planning and targeting based on buyers’ and sellers’ first-party data.

  • Buyers can limit their reserved media impressions to their target audience, focusing on specific groups such as moms, teens, sports fans, golfers or auto intenders, etc.
  • Sellers can, with a few clicks, add a data layer to an RFP response or outgoing proposal, maximizing the value of the reserved media sale.

Finally, with a direct order solution for both guaranteed and non-guaranteed campaigns fully integrated into our larger technology platform, both buying and selling become more intelligent. Our unified platform provides a holistic view that makes it easy for buyers and sellers to determine which deals are performing across all channels, and then optimize and adapt their strategies accordingly.

To learn more about our full-stack direct order solution, or to schedule a demonstration, please enter your contact information here. We look forward to working with you.

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