Firefox Quantum gets an updated browser extension

November 21, 2017
By John Clyman

Last week, Firefox exploded onto the browser scene with the launch of Quantum, promising to double browsing speed while using 30 percent less memory. For those – like me – who operate with 20+ open tabs on your screen, Quantum works just as fast as you do.

At Rubicon Project, we’re always working to improve our products to help put our customers on the leading edge of innovation. That’s why we’re excited to share that an all new Vantage from Rubicon Project is now available on Firefox Quantum.

What is Vantage from Rubicon Project?

Vantage is a free browser extension from Rubicon Project that offers publishers real-time insight on their ad space. With Vantage, publishers can get detailed insight into ads that are served on their sites through the Rubicon Project platform. Vantage offers on-the-fly reporting including:

  • Ad insights: See who bought the ad, how much they paid, and more.
  • Report unwanted ads: Instantly file a report so our Global Support team can resolve your problem.
  • Header bidding data: Identify header bidding activity on any web page

So, what’s new for Firefox users?

With the launch of Firefox Quantum, we have completely overhauled our Vantage for Firefox browser extension to complement the new browsing experience. Now Firefox Vantage users will receive all the same great features and capabilities as Vantage for Chrome, including advanced header bidding insights. By updating your Firefox browser extension, publishers will now enjoy:

  • High-speed creative overlay: Including full support and recognition of header bidded ads
  • Support across xAPI: See basic overlay functionality for ads delivered via xAPI (Note, this still requires some configuration)
  • Header Bidding visualization tool: See which header bidders are installed, a detailed timeline of calls, and whether key-value pairs were reported to DFP in time

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