For whom the Q4 traffic surge tolls

October 31, 2017
By Adam Soroca

As the holiday season draws near, advertising teams everywhere are preparing to deliver the most important quarter of the year.

While trees are trimmed and lights are strung, this year header bidding is expected to strain DSP systems and teams in new and unprecedented ways: as more exchanges plug into publisher headers, DSPs will face painful cost increases and system capacity limits. Platforms will inevitably be forced to make difficult decisions around which supply to chop in order to keep systems running smoothly.

To combat this issue, some DSPs may attempt Supply Path Optimization (SPO) to remove redundant inventory, surface lower prices, and find more reliable access for their demand. But SPO is a manual process that often misses out on the good inventory and costs the DSP significant manpower to maintain.

A DSP traffic shaping holiday gift

As we head into the busiest time of year, Rubicon Project now offers sophisticated, machine learning-based, traffic shaping to help DSPs deliver in full while reducing system burden.Traffic shaping is an advanced filtering system that sends a more compact bid stream to DSPs, rich with the audiences and impression opportunities they most desire. DSPs save infrastructure costs and improve delivery without all the human oversight. By filtering to a desired bid stream, DSPs are able to increase volume inventory and cut costs, simultaneously. Finally, DSPs can make more room in their systems for a better shaped stream since the revenue per QPS provides a much stronger ROI.

Traffic shaping helps publishers, too

Traffic shaping allows buyers to bid with confidence, bringing more of the right traffic to their bidders, and that ultimately means more competition for every impression. Simple economics show us that improving supply and demand matching results in increased liquidity. When more buyers can find your inventory, sellers will see increased revenue opportunities.

Traffic shaping takes shape in 2018

The promise of header bidding gave rise to new issues in this rapidly evolving adtech ecosystem. By opening the floodgate of impressions that were once so difficult to reach, header bidding has also added enormous weight and cost to a DSP’s bidder. It’s not economical or sustainable.

As we head into the busiest time of the year, DSPs need intelligent traffic shaping systems that fight the header bidder battle by filtering redundant traffic, surfacing the good impressions and learning from them. With traffic shaping, DSP are not only buying traffic efficiently, but they are reducing heavy overhead costs and delivering the greatest yield for each and every impression.

Over the next few weeks, the nToggle traffic shaping technology will be available on our US-East and US-West endpoints. Should your business require more aggressive bid stream compression, we’re happy to make the Holidays more enjoyable for your dev ops team!

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