Introducing Vertical OutStream

February 27, 2018
By John Peragine

When it comes to mobile video, it’s time we start changing our perspective.

We live in a mobile world where everything is being viewed on an upright, mobile screen. From email to word documents to websites, the shape we see most is a vertical one. That’s why publishers, advertisers and app developers should look to integrate an experience that is built for the mobile ecosystem.

Introducing Vertical OutStream for mobile-web

Today, we’re pleased to introduce a new member of the OutStream family. With Vertical OutStream, now advertisers and publishers can dynamically insert vertical messages in the heart of editorial content on mobile-web. With the average mobile video ad utilizing 30% of the screen, vertical video leverages all four corners of a screen, eliminating the need for a viewer to flip their phone sideways.

Benefits to advertisers:

As one of the fastest growing ad formats in the world, vertical video advertising is now a staple for any digital video marketer looking to reach millennials in their mobile environment of choice: Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Twitter to name a few. With Vertical OutStream, advertisers can enjoy:

  • Made for mobile-web: Explore outside the walled gardens of Snapchat and Facebook to deliver vertical messages across the mobile internet
  • Horizontal to vertical video formatting: For a small fee, companies like Upright Media can reformat horizontal videos and fit them for a vertical screen
  • Center of attention: The 100% viewable experience delivers your brand message to all four corners of the screen
  • Polite experience: No need to flip a phone sideways to view the video. Vertical OutStream compliments the mobile experience.

Where to buy? The new Vertical OutStream units will be available for programmatic purchase via Rubicon Project’s Private and Open Marketplaces.

Benefits to publishers:

OutStream video solves the riddle of both creating and monetizing video inventory by dynamically embedding viewable and user-activated video ads natively within written content. With mobile video expected to reach $18 billion this year, it’s time that publishers outfit their mobile sites with the right inventory. With Vertical OutStream, publishers can enjoy:

  • One tag for everything: Sellers can run vertical video on one tag, in one player. It’s that easy
  • Made for mobile-web: Simply embed the video player on mobile web and start capturing vertical advertising dollars
  • Maximizing mobile yield: Empower your direct sales team to monetize video beyond your current on-site inventory
  • Preferred user experience: The friendly video format allows viewers to scroll and reveal content with user-initiated audio for a polite experience

Where to sell? Contact your Global Support Team to get started. If you are already selling OutStream inventory on Rubicon Project, we can simply update your tag to include vertical video.

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