Prebid header bidding: real-time updates

November 7, 2017

March 9, 2018

PREBID 1.5 AND 0.34.5

Prebid.js (PBJS) has released versions 1.5 and 0.34.5, and most Rubicon Project hosted-Prebid.js will be upgraded to one of them the week of March 12th.

Note that a number of Rubicon Project-hosted accounts are on the 1.3 PBJS release and others are on the 0.34.3 release.

Noteworthy changes between 1.3 and 1.5 

  • Simplify Prebid Server configuration with an option to use a configurable vendor preset for s2sConfig
  • Robust currency feature with a new added currency.defaultRates to use when currency file fails to load
  • Only do video caching if there’s not already a videoCacheKey
  • Minor maintenance and bug fixes

Changes between 0.34.3 and 0.34.5 are minor maintenance updates.

December 20, 2017 – 10:24:05


We are pleased to announce that Prebid.js 1.0 is now publicly available. Sellers using Rubicon Project’s Hosted implementation of Prebid.js do not need to perform any work at this time. To view all Prebid.js 1.0 release information, please visit this page.

A Rubicon Project team member will be reaching out to you in Q1 2018 to discuss your requirements and preferences before we begin updating your implementation.

What’s new in Prebid.js 1.0?

  • Higher Performance
  • Increased Security
  • Multiple Concurrent Auctions – providing support for features such as ‘infinite scroll’ or ‘lazy load’
  • Improved Size-Mapping Feature – bolstering support for page responsiveness
  • Conditional Ad Units – Ad Units and bids allow for better control based on device or other attributes.

Exchange Partner Adapter Updates

Please note that while the Prebid.js 1.0 update is now available, not all exchanges have released their updated bidder adapters for 1.0. As such, Rubicon Project will work closely with you to plan the best time to update, pending the availability of your preferred adapters. You can find a list of 1.0-compliant exchange partner bidder adapters here.

Additional Rubicon Project Services

In addition to providing Prebid.js hosting services, please note that Rubicon Project also offers full-service hosting implementations for Prebid Server, which can move some or all of the exchange-management and ad call/response processes off of your page and into a Rubicon Project hosted server. Adding Prebid Server to your existing Prebid.js integration is as easy as adding a new adapter partner. We do most of the work for you!

If you have any questions about Prebid.js 1.0 or are interested in leveraging the power of Prebid Server Hosted by Rubicon Project, please reach out to your account manager.

November 7, 2017 – 15:23:55


We are pleased to announce that Prebid.js v.32 is now publicly available, and we are automatically pushing this update to your configuration.

As you currently use Rubicon Project’s Hosted instance of Prebis.js, there is nothing you need to do to receive this update. We have already tested and verified the update internally and we will update your wrapper for you over the next 24 hours.

Here’s a summary of what’s new for Prebid.js v.32:

New Features and Adapters

  • Updated for 1.0 AdButler adapter #1664
  • Updated for 1.0 Beachfront adapter #1675
  • Updated for 1.0 adapter #1705
  • Updated for 1.0 JCM adapter #1715
  • Updated for 1.0 Improved Digital adapter #1728
  • Updated for 1.0 TrustX adapter #1709
  • Updated for 1.0 Conversant adapter #1711
  • Updated for 1.0 Adkernel adapter #1722
  • Updated for 1.0 Kargo adapter #1729
  • Updated for 1.0 Fidelity Media adapter #1719
  • Updated for 1.0 Quantcast #1753
  • Updated for 1.0 adxcg #1741
  • Updated for 1.0 Audience Network #1750
  • Updated for 1.0 GetIntent #1721
  • New adapter realvu #1571
  • New adapter nanointeractive #1627
  • New adapter AdOcean #1735
  • Tests now accept a –file flag. For example, gulp test –file “test/spec/modules/someBidAdapter_spec.js”#1727
  • Update dfp.buildVideoUrl to accept adserver url #1663
  • Add usePaymentRule param to AN bidders #1778
  • New hooks API (replaces monkey-patching for currency) #1683

Realvu adapter

 bidder: ‘realvu’,
 params: {
    partnerId: ‘1Y’,
    placementId: ‘9339508’

Nanointeractive adapter

 bidder: ‘nanointeractive’,
 params: {
   sec: ’04a0cb7fb9ac02840f7f33d68a883780′,
   dpid: ’58bfec94eb0a1916fa380162′,
   pid: ’58bfec94eb0a1916fa380163′

AdOcean adapter

 bidder: ‘adocean’,
 params: {
   slaveId: ‘adoceanmyaozpniqismex’,
   masterId: ‘tmYF.DMl7ZBq.Nqt2Bq4FutQTJfTpxCOmtNPZoQUDcL.G7’,
   emiter: ‘


  • Make response headers available to the specs #1748
  • Yieldmo URL adapter endpoint updated #1771
  • Validating bid response params #1738
  • PrebidServer adapter now interprets video properties from the response #1739
  • Change prebidServer to call client user syncs if they exist #1734
  • Add TTL parameter to ImproveDigital bid #1784
  • Update analytics adapter JSDoc #1780
  • Update Rubicon adapter with new properties and 1.0 changes #1776

Bug Fixes

  • FeatureForward: Allow more than one placement from one page #1692
  • Sonobi: fix cross origin issue when in nested iframes. #1730
  • Fix log message not displaying when referencing missing bidder #1737
  • Justpremium adapter bugfix for older browsers #1716
  • Fix TypeError condition for empty video bids #1769
  • Fix Centro adapter to allow requests of the same units #1746
  • Added adUnitCode to bidRequest for pre-1.0 #1781

In addition to supporting Prebid.js hosting services, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering full-service hosting services for Prebid Server, which can move some or all of the exchange-management heavy lifting off your page and into the cloud.

If you have any questions about Prebid.js v.32, or are interested in leveraging the power of Prebid Server Hosted by Rubicon, kindly let us know.

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