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2018 Accomplishments and Publisher’s Success in 2019

January 30, 2019
By Joe Prusz, CRO

In part one of this video series, our CRO, Joe Prusz, speaks on the accomplishments we saw in 2018 and how we can help Publishers see success in 2019.

How will Rubicon project help maximize publishers success in 2019?

Publishers now need technology and software more than ever to increase their value of their audiences. Demand manager is an opportunity for us to realize that vision. To put open source prebid technology in the hands of publishers with a fully serviced managing offering, and with a self-serving UI and configuration tools to really ensure the power is in their fingertips to drive overall yield. And if we do that we think publishers along with buyers will win in 2019.

Which of Rubicon Project’s 2018 accomplishments are you proudest of?

Not giving up, everyone and I mean everyone across our company fought hard, we came back, we had momentum and it feels really good. I would like to also say that we are cutting the biggest checks to our publishers we’ve ever had in our company‘s history and that’s super exciting. Along with bringing efficiency to our buyside. Overall increasing the value of the marketplace for our buyers and our sellers.

My name is Joe Prusz, chief revenue officer at Rubicon Project.

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