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2020 Vision: Where Programmatic Pros are Focusing in the New Year

December 17, 2019
By The Rubicon Project

We asked programmatic pros about key areas where their business will be focused in the new year. Their responses ranged from new formats and data science, to partnership and supply path optimization.


2020 Vision: What is the Key Focus for Your Business Next Year?

Richard Robinson, Head of Programmatic Sales, UK, Auto Trader:

In 2020 Auto Trader’s focus will be on Native and Video. And we will focus on those two products and bringing those to market.

Cadi Jones, Commercial Director, EMEA, Beeswax

So, as we approach 2020, I think the key things for Beeswax are really enabling more advertisers, more brands to make – and more buyers really – to make better use of custom algorithms. Previously it’s been quite difficult. Not only data science but DevOps, software engineering. We’re doing everything we can to give more advanced tools, but making them simpler, so more people can do it.

Ben Walmsley, Commercial Director, Publishing, News UK

So the key focus for News UK, going into 2020, is much the same as it has been for a long time. Which is really to find a sustainable future for journalism in a multi-platform, digital world. But, to be really specific, I think that means, for us, having a real depth of engagement and starting to know our users better than ever. And we’ve known them for over 40 years, with things like the Sunday Times Wine Club which has existed for that long. But now it’s about deepening that engagement, and having a singular view of our customer across all of our touch points.

Anna Forbes, UK General Manager, The Trade Desk

The key focus for The Trade Desk next year, for 2020, we’re going to be focusing on emerging channels. So that will absolutely be CTV. But it will also be: how can we help monetize the audio, digital audio better? And also launching into digital out of home.

Andrew Goode, EVP Head of Programmatic, Havas

So Havas will retain a focus on media experience, or MX, which is a platform that we’re developing, and to follow philosophy with a set of tools based upon our meaningful media research over the last 10 years. And ultimately that’s going to be something which will help planning teams, and to utilize connection where we find users, context, and the content that we leverage in the planning process, in order to bring a human element to what we do within media.

Shaun Lin, Director of Global Supply Partnerships, MediaMath

Really the key focus for Media Math, next year, this year and beyond, is truly to create an accountable and addressable supply chain, so that our marketers and other businesses that we work with can have an efficient path to the publisher that is going to have better return on investment for their budgets that they spend, and make it easier for them to achieve their goals

Zuzanna Gierlinska, Head of Automation, Europe, Spotify

Our key focus for next year is really going to be partnering with advertisers and their agencies on having a more holistic approach to programmatic planning and buying. So we see really, really great results and a great boost in reach and frequency when advertisers look at multi product plans and multi-format plans. So specifically, for instance, if you apply audio and video, we’ve seen campaigns in the north of 50 percent on incremental unique reach. So that’s something we’re really going to be focusing on for 2020.

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