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6 of our Favorite 6-Second Video Ads

May 6, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Addressing the Attention Deficit

In response to audience’s changing viewing habits, mainstream broadcasters like ESPN are creating content specifically for mobile environments that are snackable by design. Marketers are responding to the surge in short-form content with bite-sized ads that complement abridged programming. This makes perfect sense — a 6-second video ad pairs better with a short-form program such as a sports highlight reel, delivering an enhanced user experience.

Ads that Perform

6-second ads are particularly appealing because they hit marketer’s number one KPI: they’re seen. Unlike other formats, 6-second ads can’t be skipped, delivering 100 percent viewability. Advertisers are already flocking to this new format, and with the continued explosive growth of mobile, 6-second ads are likely to become ubiquitous. Looking forward, US mobile ad spend is predicted to outperform all traditional media ad spend combined by 2020, and reach $25 billion in 2022— all driven by video spending. Of these ad dollars, 9 out of every 10 dollars spent on mobile video ads will be transacted programmatically. This bodes well for short-form video.

To fully take advantage of 6-second ads, brands are embracing “creativity within borders.” Ultimately, advertisers want messages to be seen, heard and remembered. With an overabundance of digital content out there, how are marketers cutting through the noise?

Here are six 6-second videos that deliver on the promise of snackable content and use the constriction of time to their advantage.

1. Reese’s Egg Season

Brand: Reese’s

Creative Agency: Anomaly

Reese’s “Egg Season” spot is a stand-out as it works with the sound on or off and visually tells a story. It also effectively conveys a bright and poppy mood while keeping it simple and demonstrating a variety of available products.

2. 2018 Gorilla Tape

Brand: Gorilla Glue

Media Agency: Empower Media Agency

This Gorilla Tape commercial gets the point of the product, communicating that the tape is “for the toughest jobs on planet earth” both in writing and through plot. The Gorilla reveal is a funny addition that adds entertainment value.

3. Domino’s A Little Of This

Brand: Domino’s Pizza

Creative Agency: CP&B

This Domino’s ad highlights a reward right off the bat and has a clear, concise message. It’s visually easy to understand, and the ad showcases the product, a delicious pizza, at the end.

4. Duracell’s Slamtone

Brand: Duracell

Creative Agency: W+K

Duracell’s 6-second ad fits a lot into a short time. It not only shows three versions of the Duracell battery but hits a strong message: “Duracell is the Number 1 Trusted Battery Brand.” It’s straightforward, no-nonsense, and isn’t hard to follow.

5. Rice KrispiesHoliday Santa Sleigh

Brand: Rice Krispies Treats

Creative Agency: Leo Burnett

The holiday Rice Krispies spot effectively creates an entire world in a short time: one that’s filled with magic, holiday cheer, and Rice Krispies Treats. It also shows how marketers don’t always need a complicated plot to tell a story; they can create a world and feeling instead.

6. Under Armour’s It Comes from Below

Brand: Under Armour

Creative Agency: Droga5

This tightly-shot Under Armour ad shows how an advertiser can create a heightened emotional moment in a short time. The grainy, dark lighting and close shots capture a high-performance state which conveys the essence of the brand.

A Rapidly Growing Marketplace

With short-form video maturing in the programmatic space, brands will now have the opportunity to make 6-second ads part of their cross-channel marketing campaigns. Next steps to improving performance quality will be to focus on the customers’ needs while reacting more quickly to maintenance and support issues.

Savvy advertisers want access to premium inventory in brand-safe environments, out from under the penumbra of user-generated behemoths. Fortunately, in private marketplaces, content is produced by premium publishers, not users, giving brands peace of mind that they’re reaching audiences in controlled environments. Rubicon has curated a 6-second video private marketplace with premium publishers like Flipboard, Zynga, and InMobi.

“Being a mobile first business, Flipboard understands the value exchange of content and user experience. This is why we believe the 6-second ad unit is the right ad length for mobile audiences who are constantly viewing snack-sized content. We have partnered with Rubicon to curate a high concentration of this inventory in a private marketplace that affords brands an unprecedented opportunity to launch premium 6-second video campaigns at scale.” said Rick Welch, Head of Programmatic Advertising – Flipboard.

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