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7 Events to Make the Most of Your Cannes Lions Experience

June 13, 2019
By Ryan Christopher

At the Cannes Lions Festival, brands, agencies, and programmatic media companies converge to learn how to get the maximum impact from creative marketing. However, there is almost too much to see and do.  To help you plan, here are Rubicon Project’s top picks to maximize your Cannes Lions experience.

1. Official Cannes Lions Event:  The Golden Age of Sound – Connecting Artists, Creators, and Fans

The percentage of Americans who listen to streaming audio has doubled since 2012, ushering in the golden age of sound. In this presentation, Spotify’s Chief Content Officer Dawn Ostroff discusses harnessing audio to engage audiences and establish connections with listeners. With Rubicon Project’s commitment to helping brands leverage programmatic audio inventory, this talk will highlight the value of streaming sound.

2 Official Cannes Lions Event:  The Evidence Economy – Blockchain Anchoring The Future of Programmatic

Programmatic advertising is still handicapped by fraud, murky practices, and transparency issues. Therefore, innovations in blockchain and cryptography are ushering in a brave new world where authentication, reconciliation, and privacy are the new standards. In addition, Rubicon Project’s leadership in open source tech and commitment to transparency dovetails with blockchain’s potential ability to light up the ecosystem. In this Cannes Lions  talk, leaders in blockchain explore whether blockchain presents a cure for programmatic’s ills.

3. Official Cannes Lions Event:  Do You Have a Second? Oops, Too Late

Our video platform’s primed to deliver more snackable content, and for good reason. Audiences are hungry for short, bite-sized creative that complements short-form programming.  

In this Cannes Lions presentation, CEO of BBDO Worldwide Andrew Robertson argues that the modern audience’s attention deficit demands ever greater creativity – particularly in six seconds or less.

4. Official Cannes Lions Event:  CHEERS TO PEOPLE! Make Brands More Human, Change the Game

To build brands and technologies for the future, we need a people-based approach in creative marketing. For instance, humans play a vital role in delivering quality messaging to brands. In this Cannes Lions talk, Marcel Marcondes, Chief Marketing Officer of Anheuser-Busch USA, shares the journey of how the largest brewer in the world is changing its mission: to place people at the center of everything.

5. Official Cannes Lions Event:  More Is More – The Future of Prestige Content in the Streaming Age

In our streaming age, connected TV and over-the-top (OTT) devices are replacing traditional TV. As technology continues to disrupt entertainment, multi-platform experiences have created the potential for massive audience growth and deeper engagement. In this Cannes Lions talk, creative marketing influencers and experts in entertainment discuss how to make influential and prestigious content on a dramatically larger and more dynamic scale.

6. We Must Evolve:  The Next Generation Media Supply Chain

Our industry has seen too many accidental missteps and untrustworthy behaviors lately, and the years of nontransparent practices up and down the media supply chain, coupled with very little standardization and purposeful design, have taken their toll. In this exclusive panel, Rubicon Project, MediaMath, and Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) share a mission to create an accountable and addressable supply chain that aligns incentives through agencies, brands, tech companies, and publishers.

7. Embracing Global Collaboration in the War Against Ad Fraud

The industry is banding together in the battle against ad fraud and Rubicon Project is excited to be a part of the movement. Join leading FBI and Europol agents who played a crucial role in the takedown of the botnet 3ve for a night of cocktails and conversation. They’ll be discussing strategic roadmaps and initiatives for defeating ad fraud.

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