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Around the World with Prebid: Japan and AUNZ Spotlight

June 12, 2018
By Tameka Kee, Director, Marketing & Content Strategy

Two key reasons highlight why the majority of U.S. publishers monetizing with client-side header bidding wrappers are using Prebid (per the HBIX): stability and adaptability.

But what about the world beyond these red, white and blue borders?

As the ripples from the GDPR compliance have shown, big developments in one region can drive transformation across the globe (and the entire industry). So what’s happening with header bidding and Prebid in the UK, France, Japan or Australia?

For the view from APAC, we synced with Yeon Sung, Country Manager of Japan, and Rohan Creasey, Country Manager of Australia & New Zealand, to get a read on the  “state” of header bidding for publishers in their respective regions.


What’s the ad tech landscape like in Japan?

Yeon Sung (YS): Japan is primarily a buyer-driven market in terms of digital media and advertising, with the two biggest players being Dentsu and Hakuhodo.

As a result, some of the most successful platforms offer both the buy-side technology of a DSP and the sell-side products of an SSP in one.

That said, both advertisers and publishers understand the benefits of working with a neutral exchange like Rubicon Project — particularly since we’re able to offer comprehensive service packages that include day-to-day account management and tech support.

What’s driving adoption of header bidding?

YS: Information and ongoing promotion from global players like Google and Rubicon Project.

Publishers and media companies in Japan are interested in seeing examples of successful header bidding integrations like Prebid and Exchange Bidding (EB) that require minimal workload to implement.

Case studies that show clear gains in revenue from header bidding, along with great technical support from the service provider, are important, because many publishers are in the “proof of concept” phase — meaning they’re still selling the idea of header bidding in to their internal stakeholders.

What are the biggest challenges they face?

YS: Addressing the potential issues of latency, and convincing their stakeholders that adopting header bidding will not be resource-intensive.

How can Rubicon Project’s Prebid solution help solve them?

YS: As an open-source header bidding wrapper, Prebid offers full transparency in terms of performance metrics. So if there’s a latency issue, it’s easy to figure out which part of the process is causing it.

And since sellers in Japan are looking for strong technical support from monetization partners, our expertise with header bidding (and the fact that we continuously help contribute to the code base) is crucial for them in terms of success.

Australia & New Zealand

What’s the ad tech landscape like in Australia & New Zealand?

Rohan Creasey (RC): This is a savvy marketplace powered by some very smart sellers. Upwards of 70 percent of publishers and media companies are doing some form of header bidding, and there’s a strong market for emerging formats like audio and DOOH.

What’s driven the adoption of header bidding?

RC: At first it was the push for additional, near-term demand, but now, more publishers are focused on using header bidding as the cornerstone of a holistic yield management strategy.

We’re seeing increased interest in header bidding solutions that will grow their businesses across existing formats like display, mobile and video — but also allowing them to capitalize on shifting user behavior (and the resulting revenue opportunities) from the aforementioned new formats like audio and DOOH.

What are the biggest challenges they face?

RC: Making sense of the monetization landscape in the wake of header bidding — where and how to allocate their inventory, which partners to work with, etc. — is harder than it was with the waterfall.

And while the setup of a wrapper like Prebid is easy, allocating the time and development resources to maintain and optimize their solutions can still be tough.

How can Rubicon Project’s Prebid solution help solve them?

RC: Working with us on Prebid essentially gives them access to our whole development team, with ongoing technical support and access to custom products like our Prebid Analytics (currently in beta).

In addition, our experience helping publishers monetize video, mobile and emerging formats like audio in the waterfall is now being translated to Prebid — which will give them an advantage in terms of future monetization strategies.

Get our take on the state of header bidding in LATAM in this Q&A, and stay tuned for the view from EMEA in our next installation.

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