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Auction Packages Offer a Win-Win for Buyers and Sellers

May 6, 2020
By Steve Hulkower

Programmatic deals need to drive value for both buyers and sellers. Here, Rubicon Project’s new auction packages have the potential to make buying programmatic inventory more curated and efficient for both parties. 

As opposed to using traditional Private Marketplace (PMP) deals for inventory curation, in which sellers put together the deal for their buyers along a common targeting theme, auction packages empower buyers to curate inventory, all while saving all parties time. 

Bespoke Deals for Buyers

Auction packages offer buyers the tools to target inventory while transacting in the open auction. 

For example, a brand may only want to target high-viewability inventory. Here, auction packages offer a superior use-case, because the targeting restrictions are directly built into the deal from the get-go. The buyer doesn’t need to go directly from seller to seller setting parameters for how the campaign should be run or negotiating price. The package is already constructed and priced according to open auction rates.

Whether you want to only target sports content, sites viewed by young families, or reach interstitials on direct inventory, there are endless options for auction package themes that a buyer can engage. If you can dream up a way to segment our inventory, Auction Packages can be used to precisely target campaigns.  Once the theme is decided upon, the buyer will receive a deal ID that works seamlessly with their DSP’s current deal targeting, allowing for easy set-up and reporting.

Opportunity for Sellers

Auction Packages are also an opportunity for sellers.  The first is time saved.  When buyers use PMP deals to curate inventory, publishers spend time curating inventory and discussing deal specifics.  Auction Packages allow buyers to build these deals themselves, freeing up the publisher to focus their efforts on deals where the publisher can surface special inventory access, data, or priority.  

The second is PMP leads.  Auction Package reporting is coming soon to provide publishers with a list of buyers using auction packages on their inventory.  This will provide further information about buyers’ open market buying habits, so sellers may have more dialed-in conversations with their buyers and even use the info to build PMP deals that improve buyer outcomes and subsequently drive monetization. 

What’s Next

Rubicon Project is offering many prebuilt auction packages including a Sports Package, a Legal Drinking Age compliant package, and a 70-percent-plus Viewability Package, as well as bespoke packages for buyers.

While Auction Packages are offered as a managed service today for buyers, soon Rubicon Project will allow buyers to build their own auction packages within their own Deals Management UI.  The UI will allow the buyer to build their own Auction Package from scratch, use an existing Auction Package as a template, or select from pre-built Auction Packages that can be edited to fit the needs of individual buyers.

Overall, auction packages present an exciting new deal class that offers a win-win for both buyers and publishers. We hope this deal option will help brands level-up their approach to buying inventory and make programmatic media buying more efficient.

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