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The Benefits of Prebid Mobile, A Hot Take with Alex Smith

March 19, 2019
By Ryan Christopher, Director of Marketing, Americas

Why Should Publishers Adopt Prebid Mobile?

As header bidding became the ad tech industry standard, proprietary wrappers caused patchworked coding headaches for which developers would sometimes spend weeks piecing together solutions to achieve basic functionality. It didn’t work well.

Then, in 2015, Prebid.js emerged on the scene, providing a free and open-source solution that has since become commonplace.  

Because Prebid proved so successful in streamlining header bidding practices for the web, Prebid mobile was developed to address some of the similar headaches developers were experiencing when integrating header bidding into mobile apps.

Now, developers have a single SDK that provides an integration with Prebid Server in a transparent, open source header bidding solution. What results is reduction in ad ops burden, lower latency, and easy integration with many demand sources.

We spoke with Rubicon Project product manager, and chairperson, Alex Smith to get her take on the biggest benefit of adopting Prebid mobile.


What are the benefits of Prebid mobile?

I think the biggest benefit of Prebid Mobile is just how it’s set up. Because it relies on Prebid SDK and Prebid server, all configurations live server-side.What does that mean?

It means you install the SDK once, and then you enable bidders and configurations server-side. You don’t have to re-deploy your app every time you want to make a change. Mobile developers know how much of a pain it is to have to re-deploy their apps every time they want to make a change. And monetization is just one piece of what an app does. So, every time you want to add a bidder, for example, add more demand – you don’t want to add, you know, have to re-deploy your app.

So, I think that the beauty of Prebid SDK is really having a very lightweight SDK in the client and then having all your configuration and all your power server-side, so you can make those changes on the fly and see results in real time.

Hi! I’m Alex Smith, I’m a product manager at Rubicon Project – and one of my focuses is Prebid mobile.

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