Thought Leadership

Better Deal Outcomes For Buyers

July 23, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Steve Hulkower, Senior Director of Product Management, explains how Rubicon Project drives better deal outcomes for buyers, and what kind of programmatic deals are best for curation, targeting, priority and guarantees.


How does Rubicon Project help drive better outcomes for buyers?

It’s really important that everything we offer helps drive outcomes for buyers, because that’s the best way to help sellers. And we do that by understanding their needs and offering the right tools that can be matched to make sure that everything they’re doing with us is driving positive outcomes. 

How are deals categorized?

So we really feel like deals fall into four buckets: there’s curation, there is targeting, there is priority, and then there’s guarantees. And so each one has its own value prop and its own reasons, and there are use cases for each that make a lot of sense, and that we try to pair to those needs of the buyers, to really match them with the right deal type. 

What types of deals are available?

So Rubicon Project offers four types of deals, we offer auction packages, which are best used for curation, we offer private auction, which is best used for targeting. Our audio business, our out-of-home, CTV, those types of things are really best used for targeting purposes. We have preferred deals, which are about giving prioritization, and helping buyers find that audience that they really need to win. And then Programmatic Guaranteed, which is about reserving inventory and executing really direct buys between buyers and sellers.

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