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Brand Safety at Rubicon Project

November 19, 2019
By Rubicon Project

In this new video, John Clyman, VP Engineering, Marketplace Quality & Security, explains how Rubicon Project works to ensure brand safety.


How does Rubicon Project think about brand safety?

Ad fraud is obviously a major challenge for the industry. There are criminals that are stealing literally billions of dollars in ad spend a year.

Companies like Rubicon Project have invested heavily in automated systems that perform real-time filtering of traffic before it comes into the exchange, monitor post impression, and then we also have an Inventory Quality team that does proactive investigations to make sure that we’re always maintaining the highest standards of inventory quality, so that that buyers can be confident they’re getting real human users and not being exposed to fraud or unauthorized inventory.

Rubicon Project has a long-standing and sophisticated process for evaluating inventory before we ever let it onto the exchange. That starts with an examination of the seller entities and the specific sites or apps that we’re considering onboarding. We have a variety of both automated and manual review tools and processes that we use, and that helps ensure that brands can be confident about traffic quality, and also about contextual brand safety, for any inventory that’s in the exchange.

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