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Cleaning Up User Synch with Martin Hill

September 4, 2019
By Martin Hill

As technologies evolve in the adtech industry and universal ID becomes a bigger focus, how can everyone move forward to clean up user synch?  Rubicon Project’s Martin Hill gave us his hot take on how this all might shake out and where Demand Manager fits into these plans.


How can the industry clean up user synch?

Reducing the mess, I think we’ve basically got to look at evolving the technologies and moving things forward. I think the Universal ID is going to be kind of key to doing that. I think at the moment we have a bit of a spider’s web of user synchs that are going on, just to kind of help the ecosystem talk to each other. Now when we have a Universal ID, that will reduce that amount significantly. Even if all the players win in the Universal ID space, that would reduce the user synchs from, say 250 or so, down to like five, which would be a major win for the industry.

So Demand Manager is – it’s probably going to be a key tool in a publishers armory to kind of help that transition. It lets publishers focus on their core business while taking the, kind of maintenance and management away from their core engineering teams. And it just helps kind of unify the whole ecosystem and get publishers close to their demand sources, and give them a bit more flexibility and control into implementing any of those technologies to help move the ecosystem forward.

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